[USWest-SC] ISO: Necro Items, Selling godly legit CCBE

Discussion in 'Diablo II' started by Raven007, May 20, 2003.

  1. Raven007

    Raven007 Guest

    I need +2 Necro, 20% Cast, 30% Run circlets
    +2 Necro, +3 Bone Spirit necro heads

    I also need a .08 Highlord, +40 Life P/B charms, 5% Run walk charms with 5% resist all or 17 mana.

    I Have a godly LEGIT CCBE. This is not a dupe, originally 241 ed, pic here: http://dragonpkk.tripod.com/avatars/index.html

    I need rune offers for it.