TimeShift - The Mini Series

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    TimeShift (Not related to the video game AT ALL) is set in the year 2089 in a world filled with chaos and fear as earth's new leader JAMES RICHARDS (Tony Todd) sets up a new bread of military officers. With advanced weapons and technology, no one can escape his leadership.

    SAM ANDERS (James Morrison) leads a resitence movement against James's military, the plan is to some how infaltrate his palace and enter his command ship orbating earth and destroy it before he can completely destory earth. (The mini series consists of 4 parts)

    Episode 1: ''World in Flames''
    Episode 2: ''The Offensive''
    Episode 3: ''Taking the Ship''
    Episode 4: ''The Finale Push''

    Episodes when written, will be released two at a time, keep an eye on this space!