The Circumstances will generate interesting decisions

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    While a powerful explosion can cause cave-ins just about anywhere, they are much more likely when the surrounding stone is already weak. Water drips and cracks show a slight weakness, while steam and gas leaks show more. Either way, be careful when visible signs of weakness are present. Gas leaks are even worse since they're flammable and tend to explode themselves. Also if there are wow gold buy in the area, try not to break them.

    Of course, in Din's Curse, not causing explosions isn't always easy. Many monsters in the game can use spells that explode. The Chaos Lords with their earthquake creating stomps are particularly dangerous. There are also numerous traps on the ground, on chests, and on many other objects. Even obvious explosion dangers like exploding barrels and energy vortexes can cause cave-ins. These circumstances will generate interesting decisions. Should you break that barrel hoping for loot when it is right next to the gas leak? What if it is near a gas leak, 4 cracks, and an energy vortex? What if you are playing a hardcore character?

    Inside Mac Games has posted a review of the remake of the classic puzzler Pipe Mania from Virtual Programming. Like the original, place and rotate pipes to get the liquid flowing from one end to another. This update to the game adds other themes, giving the player the chance to lay track for a traveling train, for example. Here's and excerpt from the review:

    The first and largest addition to the core Pipe Mania mechanics is the campaign mode. Each zone you explore in the quest for connecting the pipes of the world adds a special condition you have to deal with and tends to require some pre-planning to properly defeat. The largest example of this is the train zone. Your train has a start and an end, so it's possible to rearrange the track in a way that creates an infinite loop that you can then use to rack up tremendous amounts of score. This is required in order to beat a few of the levels and especially to get a gold star for all the levels of zone, so you'll have to learn fast.