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    Well since no one wanted to talk about my replay with my partner, ill post it on a new thread. well here it is

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    Hmmmmmm well, what can i start with.

    Lets start with the B.O

    Cofen B.O have litterally slowed him down. it goes like this.
    - Start Training a Peon
    - 4 at Gold
    - 1 make altar
    - Trained(6) peon make a burrow/Train another one.
    - Trained(7) peon make a barrack/Train another one.
    - Trained(8) peon go in mine.
    - Rally all peon building to wood.
    - always a peon being trained.
    - when u reach 40 wood, make another borrow.
    - when Altar is done get your hero to come out.
    - when barrack is done make a grunt(what out there not to interfer with a peon in training) be sure to have 200 gold when your barrack is done.
    - get at least 7-8 peons to wood.
    - continue pumping peon to get 7-8 peons to wood.
    When Hero come out u should have a Hero+ 1 grunt coming out.
    - get around 2-3 grunts them tech

    View attachment Orc Bo(by CnkLord).w3g

    The begining was good but your hero was late.
    - Start training wisp
    - 4 wisp to gold
    - 1 wisp make altar
    - trained wisp make moonwell/train wisp
    - trained wisp go to wood
    - trained wisp go to gold
    - trained wisp go to wood
    - trained wisp go to wood
    - rallie all wisp building to wood
    - when u reach around 200-210 wood, take your wisps from wood make Hunthall, AoW, moonwell.
    - when hero come out go harass make another moonwell
    - when structures are done get 2-3 hunts them tech.
    - get around 3 moonwell in total
    - 8-9 wisp to wood

    View attachment NE hunts BO(by CnKLord).w3g

    ==Early Game==
    - Start creeping the hell out! to help u tech Tier2 faster.
    - Cofen man your burrow...... never put them in front of ennemy they are easy rip away. build closer.
    - Never move your peon at gold to put them in borrow.
    - Lucian get units first them start upgrading damage/defense.
    - Late Harass

    ==Late Game==
    - Nice expand from Lucian
    - Nice harass from Cofen
    - Rip them apart, they were teching. u should have finish them early.
    - Not much use of heroes skills. Not much micro, beside ranged and heroes.
    - Late Taurents/Lucky ennemy Ork havent attack your base.
    - They were noobs like if they were watching the field.
    - GG
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    nice post =(