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    Click HERE to watch.

    -Professional SC Gamers VOD-
    Point of view: [ReD]NaDa
    MU: [ReD]NaDa (T) vurses )Is(Side (Z)
    Map: Sin Gaema Gowon

    Ok, this is basically SC VOD(Starcraft league, Korean CableTV)

    Just click on it to watch, (windows media player required) and I believe that you can download it, too, just right click -> save it as -> save

    I know that some people here will appreciate this, imo, this is much better than watching replays, so that's why i'm going to make a thread about this, and keep updating, if you guys like.

    Since what you're watching is an actual player playing, [ReD]NaDa, so you can learn alot from it(watching it from the player's perspective, or point of view)

    P.S. - The guys talking are just commentators... if you don't understand korean language, you might as well just ignore em(they can be annoying) and focus on the game.

    Anyway, I hope this helps.