Soft Spoken Words

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    Soft Spoken Words

    Why can I not ride the wind?
    With harsh spoken words as my rudder?
    Is what you say the truth?
    That my storage has started to shudder?

    If my silk and velvet are worthless,
    and my milk has completely chaffed,
    Would you balance the sorrowful trade?
    Would you become my second half?

    While your advice is duly noted
    And your wisdom is simply profound
    Would your actions portray your thoughts?
    Would your words become more than nouns?

    If the backrest is completely broken
    And it's faults disguised with camouflage
    Would you warn me of the danger?
    The danger of it's flaws?

    Trust has had its moments,
    Times where it was more than greed
    But if I were to fail in my life,
    Would you give me what I need?