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    ... but there's a new tournament realm starting up to replace the last one I posted.

    Abyssal WoW - 3.1.3 Tournament Arena Server and get the 2.4.3 client.

    Basically the same thing, arenas only starting out in season one gear and some PvE blues and purps and working your way to season two gear and SSC/TK epics. This time the server is situated in the US, and has active GMs and one who's amazing at fixing bugs and is in the process of fixing most of the bugs that come with running a private server.

    The only thing is that the server just came up 2 days ago, so right now it's lacking a bit in the ways of people on it. It has a capacity for about 800 or so I think, and the max it's been at during the 2 days is 100 people. I dunno if any of you guys liked arena in TBC, but if you want to talk to me you can reach me on a few characters. (Lolwarrior, Justice, Bigwang) I'm normally on pretty frequently.

    Also, you don't have to un-install WotLK to play or anything like that, just create a seperate folder and install another copy of WoW up to 2.4.3 and you're good to play. (how to patch to 2.4.3 -> Ohlawl , just filefront the patches. Don't download them from the site)