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    Mirror's Edge is a very unique game. Perhaps so, one of the most unique ideas I have seen. First of all, Mirror's Edge stars Faith, a female courier who delivers everything the old fashioned way, running around buildings.

    Faith is a master of movement, and movement is the whole appeal of Mirror's Edge. You can leap across buildings, briefly wall-run to cross gaps and much more.

    Another fun thing? All these acrobatic maneuvers are performed in first person. So, it gives you a feel for you actually doing it (Although, I assure you, you probably can't).

    The graphics consist of a lot of whites dominating the landscape. At least it's not brown. Red color indicates the correct way through a level. You may just have to look around for it, because it is not always apparent.

    There's even an achievement for getting through the game without firing a single weapon! Now that should be interesting.

    The release date is TBA.