Forsaken Tides

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    The year is 2060. Earth is in total chaos. There are three strains of people - the Clones, the Mutants, and the Purebred. They tend to hate eachother but as with any two opposing races there is intermittant interaction and mix of culture.

    There is widespread poverty, gang warfare, and anarchy. A group of Purebreds called the Zorians have established a militia and are striving for the extinction of all other races.

    This should be pretty flexible -- the storyline and history will obviously develop with play. It doesn't have to be too structured. Here's the character sheet:



    As you can see, it's not too rigid. I don't like giving people one specific class becuase that limits what they can do. I think that your abilities should depend on your equipment. What you put in info to make game play smooter or make your develop your character more is up to you.

    Here's my guy

    Name:Kyan Blood
    Age: 17 (human years)
    Sex: Male
    Race: Purebred
    Equipment: 6 inch combat knife, AK9 submachine gun, bedroll, water canteen, Raptor handgun.
    Information: Kyan was born to exteme purist and religious fanatic Kota Plyminngs. He ran away from home to join roaming Mutant bands he had heard of when he was six, appauled by his father's ideals. After some persuasion, the Mutant clan Red Stalkers accepted the young purebred boy and taught him the tools of the trade. For eleven years, Kyan has helped the Mutants, who finally put him through the rite of initiation when he was 15 (five years late - they were hesitant) and tatooed the red "blood curl" on his face, the genetic mutation that defines the Red Stalkers.

    Kyan is travelling with the Clan, who is moving North to avoid the sweep of Clone bands roaming the area exterminating stray Purebreds and Mutants. He is drak haired and eyed and has three day old stubble. He is wearing an oversized camo jacket, black pants and combat boots and a black cap.


    (Barren landscpe. A greenish light is visible over the horizon. Dead brush scatters the ground. A small group of travelers, all bearing a blood red mark across their face, are swiftly moving across the countryside as dawn breaks. A light drizzle starts, and soon there's a full downpour, soaking the little band who struggles on despite the harsh conditions.

    Machine gun fire breaks the eerie silence. The travelers throw themselves to the ground, grabbing weapons out of holseters. No adversary is visible through the gray sheets of rain, but one of the clan is wounded, his arm oozing blood onto the wet sand.)

    KYAN: Purebreds...
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    ooh sounds fun...

    ok here i go:

    Name: Jareth O'Ryan
    Age: 18
    Sex: Male
    Race: Half-Mutant
    Equipment: A 40" long katana blade, 2 Barret G-Pulse guns (it is 2060), Modified M-16,
    Canteen, and a bed roll.
    Bio: Jareth, was born to two "outlaws" who crimed in cross breed, and other thing involving pure/mutant releations. he had to become a man alone in this world, and living with thorns on your left arm isnt easy, that is why he had to wander alone for a long while, he ended up in the Red Stalkers, getting in with a 'purebreed'. he has long black hair, a goatee, and a small "X" shaped scar across the cheek, he wears a really long and dark overcoat, and black studded armor, army boots, his left hand isnt covered by the coat, and he has a tatoo of a smiling death on his right hand.