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    It's Fire Emblem folks, coolest game ever. For those who dont know what it is, it's a tactics game in a fantasy world. There are...7 Fire Emblem games so there are many characters to choose from. here are some classes and what they upgrade to

    -Mercinary - Hero
    -Archer - Sniper
    -Mermydon - Swordmaster
    -Thief - Assassin
    -Wyvern Rider - Wyvern Lord
    -Pegasus Knight - Pegasus Lord
    -Cavalier - Paladin
    -Lord - Great Lord
    -Shaman - Druid
    -Mage - Sage
    -Knight - General

    Those are some of the classes. WARNING! If you choose to be a Lord, then if your character dies, they cannot come back. Lords are the most important parts of Fire Emblem. if they die as great lords, its still game over for you.

    I'll add more classes later but for now, pick one of them above.