Diablo Clone Hunter

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    Diablo Clone Hunter

    This is a bot that keeps creating games until you get on a hot Ip Address!

    Download Link:

    Rapidshare LINK
    Mediafire LINK
    Megaupload LINK
    Hotfile LINK

    The Seetings.ini is very selfexplained:
    ;The format for Realm is CASE SENSATIVE!!!!!!!!. It MUST be listed as 'East', 'West' or 'Europe' only! You can not use ;'east', this will NOT work.
    ;Character locations are:
    ;1 2
    ;3 4
    ;5 6
    ;7 8
    D2Parameter=-w -ns -lq -skiptobnet -title "Diablo II" -mpq cdkey.mpq
    ;There should be no need to touch this line. Obviously, if you are using your original CD key you may remove the -mpq part.
    ;Only fill these lines in if the script has trouble starting Diablo.
    ;This is the ammount of time it takes for Diablo to start on your computer. Adjust as needed. All times are in miliseconds so ;1000 = 1 second.
    ;This is the ammount of time it takes for a game to be created. Adjust as needed. All times are in miliseconds so 1000 = 1 ;second.
    ;Use the following five lines to enter the LAST SET OF DIGITS of the IP you are searching for. Example:
    ;IP to find =
    ;Numbers to use = 77
    ;These two settings represent the minimum and maximum ammount of time, in seconds, CloneHunter should wait until it creates the next game.
    ;A random number of seconds, between the upper and lower limit, will be selected for each game.
    ;I would not recomend you set the lower limit to anything less then 8 seconds. Times are in miliseconds so 1000 = 1 second.
    ;The default wait time is 8 seconds.
    ;============================================== Read This ===================================================================
    ;Do not use the entire IP address, only the last set of digits.
    ;You can search for up to five IP's at one time. ALL LINES MUST BE FILLED OUT. If you wish to search for less then five,
    ;then the lines should be filled out similar to this:
    ;The above example will search for three IP's.

    ================ CloneHunter 2.5a =========================
    ================ Created by Snarg ========================
    =============== Supa.Snarg@gmail.com =======================
    This program will allow you to automaticly find what is called a 'hot' IP address. The hot IP's are those where the Diablo Clone is most likely to appear. This program saves you the trouble of having to manualy create the games and check the IP by yourself.
    To use this program follow these easy steps:
    1) Read this file.
    2) Open 'Settings.ini' and fill in the information required.
    3) Save and exit Settings.ini.
    4) Double-click CloneHunter2.5a.exe.
    5) Sit back and wait for it to find the proper IP.
    When the proper IP is found a sound will play and the status window will change to display the current game name and password. Ensure you have your sound turned up :)
    Please keep in mind that this program will *NOT* idle in the game for you.
    very useful, isn't it?