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    [1] No godmodding, usually godmodding includes the word "then" as in "just then" or "then suddenly".
    [2] Your character cant just "hop" into an RP/RPG, he/she has to be introduced. Talk to the thread creator to get an opening.
    [3] Post any characters you may use in the Character Submit Thread.
    [4] Spam is NOT TOLERATED, in this or any part of the forums.
    [5] And as usual, please dont flame anyone, and respect your mods.
    [6] No double posting, none at all. If you fail to comply, you will get a warning.

    I'll explain "spam" a bit. Spam includes, but is not limited to:

    Pointless Post--A post that has nothing to do with the thread in question.
    Advertising--Telling/Asking someone to go to a thread you or someone else started. There are limited exeptions to be judged by moderators.
    Bumping--We're lenient here. As long as the bump is on topic, we're okay. Anything else, we will get mad!!
    Flaming/Cursing Post--If all your post is is flaming or cursing, that fits this category.
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    Post by TekBlade13
    RPG's Sanctum Rules and Regulations. MUST READ!!

    1) All users WILL and MUST abide by the regular Forum regulations


    3) no Trolling, Bashing, Flaming, or arguing of any 2 peoples or how many there are, i dont care, threads like that will be deleted on sight.

    4) Regarding Roleplaying, Go right ahead, its another reason why were all here, RP away, if battles of any sort are going to be held, please no godmodding, and just pass it through either me or BAAL first.

    5)Please keep swearing and other vulgar language to a minimum, if not at all please............

    6) no image in siggys, like always. (Edit by Akule: Revised. Sigatars are now allowed... see introductions for more details)

    7) Mark all spoiler items with SPOILER before them, and let them know whats ahead.

    8) absolutely NO i mean NO PORNOGRAPHIC MATERIAL!!!!! that includes, everything from hentai ---> straightout hardcore stuff....

    9) Please put all character Creation for what you are going to be doing in the appropriate thread, its just spam if it goes into a useless thread. thanks.

    10) most of all, HAVE FUN, if i have forgotten anything BAAL please post here!!!!!!
    (has been locked to prevent others to post.)

    11)Regarding Bumping, you may bump subjects if they are older, but the bump must be on topic, posts like "BuMP" will be deeleted, and the thread locked if it happens"
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    In my field of paper flowers..
    Guide to the RPR~v5.0 Must read!!!!

    Updated with more stuff, I hope it's better and less confusing now... :)

    I also added a new character sheet. :)

    Here it is:

    RPR is for roleplaying, and so it is encouraged, if not necessary that you do so. However, before that, you will have to keep a few thing in mind.

    So i created a tutorial for those who don't know what to do. Role-playing is fairly simple, you just have to know how to do it.


    Your character

    For every rpg, you have to have a character ready. This is simple. all you have to do is follow the outline.

    Character sheet #1

    Name: (your character's name)
    Race: (your character's race)
    Class: (what is your character classified as? mage? cleric? archer?)
    Abilities: (any abilities/spells/skills your character can do)
    Appearance: (this is optional. however, you may include what your character looks like.)
    Bio: (a bit of background about the character, his personality, etc.)

    Character sheet #2

    Name: (Your character's name)

    Age: (Your character's age)

    Class: (wWhat is your character classified as? mage? cleric? archer?)

    Species: (Your character's race. Can be made-up or or not.)

    Gender: (Self explanatory. :p)

    Likes: (This is the fun part of adding a bit ore detail. ^_~ What does your character like?)

    Dislikes: (Same as above, only dislikes.)

    Mate: (Is your character married? Do they have a boyfriend/girlfriend? Yes? Then tell us who they are right here.)

    Personality: (Well, you know what this one does... :p)

    Appearance: (Describe your character's appearance. What are they wearing? What does their face look like?)

    Expertise (Your skills and abilities. This might be a bit confusing, but don't worry. You'll get it, I'm sure.)


    --Natural-- (Your natural, magical skills. This means all the magic and enchantments you can do.)
    --Object Oriented-- (Same as above, only for spells that are object oriented. This time, it's still magic, only it has much more do to with weapons and material. Here, you can also list your equipment.)

    *Non magical* (Non magical powers of your character. Is there anything else they're really good at? Are they and artist? Can they swim well? Is their strenght greater than it is natural for them to have?)

    Genealogy: (Where does your character come from? Do they have a nationality?)

    History: (Give us a bit of background on your character's past.)

    Knick-knacks: (Here you may further explain your character. Anything goes, doesn't matter. Tell us how you developed your character, if they're fun to RP with etc. I do this all the time. ^^;; This section is optional, however.)

    -You may use either sheet, which one seems best or less complicated or cleaner for you.

    Note: Keep your character somewhat original and made up by YOU. Must you use a character that you've seen in a game, anime etc. go ahead but try and make your own character's mostly. Please, do not use a character another player of RPR uses, do not rip off or copy other players' characters and do not steal any names.

    Try and add a bit of detail. You can be as creative as you want here - make up your own races, classes, weapons and spells. Imagination runs free in the RPR. ^_~ Just don't go overboard and don't overpower your characters.

    So now you have a character. What do to next? It is simple. Below you can see how to set up or join an RPG.

    The RPG

    Before you start RPing, you must have one set up, or join an existing one.

    How to make an RPG: give your RPG a setting. Where is it going to be? A battlefield? Forest? Is it medieval? Is it in the future? Is it based on a game/tv show? Give your RPG a purpose. Is the country at war? Do you need to slay a dragon, retrieve an arcane weapon?

    After you choose your setting and goal you may post your character, and then you can start RPing.

    Now, if you want to do an RP, circumstances are different. You basically give it a small setting, and start doing actions right away, without any real point/quest/goal to the story. People will simply jump in at the convenient time.

    How to join an RPG: Ask the host of the RPG to give you an entrance. This simply means that you will have your character introduced to other people in the RPG. If you want to join an RPG, make sure you know what is going on. Do this by reviewing at least 3 pages of it, if not from the beggining.

    If you want to join an RPG, you post could look like this:

    If you're doing an RP without a GM, then you may jump in, provided that you know exactly what is going on and that your entrance is sensible enough.

    There is a difference between an RP and an RPG. And RPG usually has a GM (or two, etc.) while an RP doesn't. People make up the story and plot twists as they go, and usually you don't have to complete a quest or a story.

    Doing actions & Dialogue

    The point of the RPG is really to carry out actions and to speak. This is easy too, but keep in mind a few simple rules.

    All actions are to be put into the little starry thingies *

    Example: *Kittiekitty starts writing a tutorial*

    All dialogue must be said normally, but with your character's name in front of it.


    KittieKitty: Whew! Writing a tutorial sure is hard!

    Of course, you don't have to RP this way. You can always do it differently. Like writing a story and being descriptive etc. Other than that, asterisks are not the only marks you can use to set out the actions, you can alo use : , - , etc.

    Making plot twists

    Every RPG has a purpose. To keep its story going, you must make plot twists. An example of a minor plot twist would be:

    Example: Two moster run out and start attacking us.

    That is okay to do. However, this is a major plot twist:

    Example: As we run down the forest path, a fissure beneath us opens and we get engulfed into the fiery depths of hell, where angel tells us we must defeat a demon to get out.

    Unless you are a host of the RPG, or the host has allowed you to, dont make major plot twists. If the purpose of the RPG would have been to save someone, and you do this, it takes out all the fun from it.

    This with an RP are different of course - when everyone is allowed to make a plot twist.

    Things not do to: Godmodding

    Godmodding is not allowed in any RPG. Godmodding takes all the fun away. If you do this, you may have to be warned. Here are some example of godmodding:

    Example 1: 5 monsters pop out.

    *jumps up and cuts one's monster head off, stabs one and shlashes at 3 more*

    Example 2: 50 very strong demons pop out, and start attacking us.

    *flies up into the air, cats a spell, and in a flash of blinding light all monsters are evaporated*

    This is godmodding. This kind of spell is okay to use, but you have to have some kind a restriction- like passing out or not being able to cast spells for a day. Just don't overpower yourself, or use purely really powerful spells that make you weak. =_=;; Balance is a virtue, my friend.

    Example 3: Person1: Let's fight.

    Person2: *jumps up and attacks person1*

    Person1: *dodges and hits person2, making him dizzy*

    Person2: *continues attacking*

    Person1: *dodges any incomign attacks*

    Person2: *slashes viciously*

    Person1: *keeps dodging and hits Person2 on the head, knocking him out*

    Not letting yourself be hit is godmodding. If you're fighting just to win, where's the fun in it? :usad

    Example 4:

    Person1: Let's fight.

    Person2: *evaporates Person1 with his arcane spell of Oblivion*

    Killing someone so easily godmodding also, and it too, ruins the fun. =_=;; Don't do this, please.

    Example 5:

    Person1: *kills Person2*

    Person2: *Revives himself and kills Person1*

    Don't revive yourself in a 1v1 battle. Death is a risk you're going to have to accept, unless, of course, your opponent is godmodding. If things get out of hand, don't flame, call in a moderator instead.

    Talking out of character

    If you need to talk out of your character, or you have something to say that has nothing to do with the topic, you simply use "OOC: which stands for "out of character". If you get back in character in the very same post, use "BOT" which means "back on topic". Talking out of character is needed especially if you will be gone for a few minutes/hours/days.

    Example: OOC: Sorry people I gotta log off now.

    BOT: *sits down*

    I'll rest for a while, you go on ahed. I'll catch up.

    If you don't use "OOC" you can alway use double brackets. Like such:

    Example: ((Sorry people gotta log off now.))

    *sits down*

    I'll rest for a while, you go no ahead. I'll catch up.

    Death and Ressurection

    Sometimes, if you do not wish to continue an RP, your character will have to be killed (unless you really want otherwise.)

    So, you may ask, how 'dead' is dead? Well, if your character dies in and RPG, you may not post in that RPG with the same character anymore. (unless, of course, somebody revives him/her with a spell) However, you will be able to use that character in any other RPG.

    Of course, there are always things like the Battle tourneys and such. If it is stated by the GM, when your character dies in this kind of a tourney, they will be dead, as in never to come back, retired, unuseable.


    And yes, that's just about basic knowledge of what you need to start RPing. Looking forward to Rping with ya! ;)


    Updated: 08/28/03
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    [color=royal blue]A Guide from back in the day with some rules, too.[/color]

    Post by Akule

    An Online RP Guide for Newbies... Version 1.0

    Online rpgs are very much like pen and paper.
    The basic idea is very much the same.

    Typical Battle in C&K
    1)Each post counts as a move
    2)Dm is the only one with dice, unless stated otherwise

    The idea is to complete a mission or dungeon. To do so you must:
    1) Be able to derive information from common speech
    2) Be able to defend yourself using a weapon of your choice
    3) Slay what ever evil befalls the heros
    4) Stay alive with what ever the DM throws at you. Anything Goes.

    You collect GP (Gold points) and other gems, artifacts and currency. You then use this to buy needed supplies for your missions

    You also have something called xp (experience Points). This is used to beef up a character. The more the better and you get them by defeating monsters, being clever (DM can give some out) amongst other things

    There are levels for characters, and more xp = more lvls = stronger characters = better dungeons.

    There is something called ac, or armor class. The Higher it is, the harder it is to get hit.

    You have different stats decided by rolls of the dice. There is STR DEX CON INT VIS CHAR... you have HP (hit points) when they run out your dead.

    Sometimes the DM may let you come back to life if someone in your party (group playing) can cast a spell bringing you back to life. Sometimes he may prohibit it.

    You also have fortitude, reflex and will but i'll save that for 1.5, as it is much more complicated
    Weapon damage is decided on dice roll, usually by a 1d6, 1d10, 1d4, 1d20, 1d12. this means that one (1d10) roll of a ten (1d10) sided dice

    They have a certain range (how far they can shoot) Weight, type, size, and special properties.
    You can wear armor, and a shield (if your weapon is one handed)
    Armor has these properties:
    Tpe, Armor Bonus, Max Def Bonus, Check penalty, spell failure, speed, weight, and special properties

    Your shield has Armor bonus, weight, check penalty.

    (Sticky plz)

    Post by TekBlade

    Here are the rules if you wish to have a RPG going, a Battle Going, or some sort of fun D&D type game going.........


    we cannot have the forum clutter with posts such as *the DM rolls his d20, and rolls a 5" that wont be allowed, and it takes time to do it on the forums. so i will have to set up a room in mIRC with BAAL about it. See Next rule for exceptions........

    2) i WILL allow played out RPGs in here. What i mean by this is that you can type out the story line and actions like normal, but it MUST be over 1 paragraph of story to complete your action.

    3) If you are going to battle, plaeas no
    *Godmodding (not ebing able to lose and giving yourself godlike powers)
    *No whining, if you lose, you have lost, i wont tolerate it at all.
    *No swearing, none at all, Crap and substitutes like Faulk are ok, but no irect swears or foul language.

    *and no Ante games, if one person wins the other one goves the voctor a prize (anything from a cyber session, to a hack they cant find) idc this is NOT ALLOWED.

    4) Please pass all FINISHED rpgs by either me or BAAL so we can lock and move the thread........

    5) have fun doing this stuff, its why were here......Leave the modding to me and BAAL, and leave the fun stuff to you, ok? cool.


    Here I will explain some common short terms we use at RPR so you wouldn't be all confused.

    RPR = Role Player's Realm. You are right here, silly. ^_~

    RPG: Role-playing game. In RPR terms, it is where you role-playing an organized game with a GM, which is the only person allowed to make plot twists.

    RP: Role-play. This is a loosely played game with no special purpose or a quest, everyone is able to twist the plot.

    GM: Game master. The one who starts the RPG and basically makes up the story and the plot twists.

    Godmodding: See tutorial above. Something that shouldn't be done.

    OOC: Out of character

    BOT: Back on topic (Both have been defined above)

    PP: Power-play. It's when you do the actions of somebody else's character.

    FP: Force-post. Same thing as power-play.

    Questions, problems and how to get an answer

    Have any questions, queries, are wondering about something? Are you stuck somewhere, do you need help?

    Simple PM (private message) one of the moderators. We always love to help.

    A little reminder: Whenever you see flaming, godmodding, too much swearing or any improper things done, simple report the post or PM one of the moderators.

    Same thing goes for finished RPGs that need to be closed.
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    In my field of paper flowers..
    Made-up races

    (Insert name of race here
    Classification: (IS is humanoid like? Beats like? Half-beast?)
    Weapon preference: (Self-explanatory)
    Class preference: (Self-explanatory)
    Information: (What do they look like? Anything that makes this race special? Do they have any natural talents etc.)

    If you made up a race, you may wish to make it available to other RPR users. That is simple.

    1.) First of all, fill out the form above.
    2.) Second of all, PM it either to bamthedoc, KittieKitty, or Tacitus. (Just 'cause TekBlade13 is not very active these days.)
    3.) After we receive it, the race will be published in the stickied thread, and will be available to other user. You will get full credit for the race.
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    In my field of paper flowers..
    This handy little thingy explains what all those confusing character stats mean. You should be able to get them, I hope.

    A big hug to Torri Mind (we'll miss you!) for getting these for us! :3

    some ppl here dont know what str Dex Con Int Wis Cha are
    well i shall explaine.. id like this to stay in her btw.. cuz.. some ppl might want to start playing useing stats and what-not..

    A character’s core, base abilities are determined by six values known as Ability Scores. These values describe the character’s innate, natural aptitude at interacting with the world. The six Ability Scores are:
    Strength (Str)
    Dexterity (Dex)
    Constitution (Con)
    Intelligence (Int)
    Wisdom (Wis)
    Charisma (Cha)

    Str 0 means that the character cannot move at all. He or she lies helpless on the ground.
    Dex 0 means that the character cannot move at all. He or she is motionless and helpless.
    Con 0 means that the character is dead.
    Int 0 means that the character cannot think and is in a coma-like stupor, helpless.
    Wis 0 means that the character is withdrawn in a deep sleep filled with nightmares, helpless.
    Cha 0 means that the character is withdrawn into a catatonic, coma-like stupor, helpless

    Strength is a measure of the character’s physical power. Strength provides a modifier to:
    • Damage rolls in melee or unarmed combat or when using weapons that are Muscle Powered.
    • Strength-based Skill checks.
    • Strength checks.
    Any creature that can physically manipulate other objects has at least 1 Point of Strength. A character with no Strength score can’t exert force, usually because it has no physical body or because it doesn’t move. Such a creature automatically fails Strength checks. Note: since armour is handled differently in Anime d20 than in other d20 games, Strength always provides a +0 modifier to melee attack rolls (the “to hit†roll), regardless of the character’s Strength rating.

    Dexterity is a measure of the character’s hand-eye co-ordination, agility, reflexes, and balance. Dexterity provides modifiers to:
    • The character’s Armour Class.
    • Dexterity-based Skill checks.
    • Initiative rolls.
    • Reflex saving throws.
    • Dexterity checks.
    Any creature that can move has at least 1 Point of Dexterity. A creature with no Dexterity score can’t move, but if it can act, it applies its Intelligence modifier to Initiative checks instead of a Dexterity modifier (for example, an artificially intelligent computer that has no moving body adds its Intelligence modifier to Initiative rolls). A creature with no Dexterity fails all Reflex saves and Dexterity checks. Dexterity always provides a +0 modifier to ranged attack rolls, regardless of the character’s Dexterity rating.

    Constitution determines your character’s health and stamina. Constitution provides modifiers to:
    • Hit Points earned per Level (though the value can never be reduced below 1 — a character always gains at least one Hit Point per Level).
    • Fortitude saving throws.
    • Constitution-based Skill checks.
    • Constitution checks.
    Any living creature has at least 1 Point of Constitution. A creature with no Constitution has no body or no metabolism. It is immune to any effect that requires a Fortitude save unless the effect works on objects. The creature is also immune to Ability damage, Ability drain, and energy drain, and always fails Constitution checks.

    Intelligence is a measure of the character’s reason and ability to learn. Intelligence provides modifiers to:
    • The number of Skill Points gained at each Level (though the value can never be reduced below 1 — a character always gains at least one Skill Point per Level).
    • Intelligence-based Skill checks.
    • Intelligence checks.
    Any creature that can think, learn, or remember has at least 1 Point of Intelligence. A creature with no Intelligence score is an automaton, operating on simple instincts or programmed instructions. It is immune to all mind-influencing effects (charms, compulsions, phantasms, patterns, and morale effects) and automatically fails Intelligence checks

    Wisdom is a reflection of the character’s willpower, common sense, intuition, perception, and life experience. Wisdom provides modifiers to:
    • Will saving throws.
    • Wisdom-based Skill checks.
    • Wisdom checks.
    Any creature that can perceive its environment in any fashion has at least 1 Point of Wisdom. Anything without a Wisdom score is an object, not a creature. Additionally, anything without a Wisdom score also has no Charisma score, and vice versa

    Charisma describes the characters strength of persuasion, personality, and the character’s appearance. Charisma provides modifiers to:
    • Charisma-based Skill checks.
    • Charisma checks.
    Any creature capable of telling the difference between itself and things that are not itself has at least 1 Point of Charisma
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    A place where there is no dark
    Role Player's Realm Regulations for a Better Role-Playing Experience!

    Role Player's Realm Regulations for a Better Role-Playing Experience!​

    Originally made by Tanasha of the AMP guild at www.gaiaonline.com and edited by Digital Elite and Tacitus

    Welcome to the RPR! We as role-players can get frustrated when we see, new or old role-players munch, or "cheat" the role-playing system. Such as being invincible. These are the titles given to the specific types of rule-breakers, with more, in deapth (exaggerated) explainations below.

    Aimbotters~ The people who never miss a single shot no matter how hard it is
    Augustines~ The People who pull-in elements that were approved in an unrelated RP.
    Baghdad Bobbits~ The People who arbitrarily declare themselves the winner with instant death attacks.
    Batmen~ The People who use an existing persona and only RP them when it helps.
    DaydreamersThe people who RP completely irrelevant things, not munching, but its annoying as hell.
    Gaseous SnakesThe People who've taken actions before they start RPing.
    God-Modders~ The people who can't be hit or just shrug it off
    IDKFA-ers~ The people who never are without a weapon and ammo
    Mcflys~ The people who do things in hindsight
    Min-Maxers~ The people who 'balance' thier characters by having a massive but irrelevant weakness and massive powers.
    Miss Cleos~ The people who use Out Of Character knowledge to get an edge.
    Oxymorons~ The People who play as characters that are completely impossible.
    Puppetmasters~ The people who RP other people's characters for them.
    RevisionistsThe people who ignore or alter RPs that they don't like.
    Shoe-elves~ The people who RP actions and time against others while the others aren't presant
    Speedhackers~ The people who RP an absurdly time consuming sequence occuring between other people's actions.
    Twinks~ The people who have absurdly strong powers.

    In these examples, "A" will be our Good RPer and "B" will be our Nasty Filthy Munchkin.
    Yes, they are exaggerated.

    Aimbotters: Especially annoying when using NPCs, as NPCs don't get to argue about munch...
    A: Three hundred seventy of my trained assassin gymnasts crest the hill, sight you, and rush toward you.
    B: Luckily, I have three hundred sixty-nine bullets in my chain gun! I quickly mow them all down, each taking a single bullet to the head, and peg the last one with a rock in the sternum.

    Augustines: Far, far too prevalent.
    A: Given that this RP's technology base is midieval, I happily drive my cart to the market to buy some maggot-ridden meat.
    B: Too late! I already got there in my Gundam and blew up everything with my insanely overpowered weapons! And don't start whining, because my Gundam's already pre-approved in the "This Is Not a Midieval Technology Base RP" thread.

    Baghdad Bobbits: An advanced (or is that "degraded"?) form of Puppetmaster and Aimbotter combined.
    A: I fire at the stationary target, hitting twice but missing with my remaining four rounds.
    B: I get tired of your realistic RPing style and poke you in the neck, collapsing your trachea. You die writhing in torment.

    Batmen: Only a few, but they're a bitch to deal with.
    A: In this Fantastic Four RP, I'll be Ben, the gruff rock-man with a heart of gold.
    B: I'll be Reed Richards, the living sex toy who hunts down innocent women to subdue with his incredible flexibility!

    Daydreamers: Not exactly munch, per se, but it does get annoying.
    A: In the middle of the intense shootout, I dash across the narrow alley, ducking and weaving in hopes to avoid getting hit. I'm unsuccessful; two bullets peg me in the shoulder, throwing me back into a Dumpster.
    B: The bullets make me think back to my days as a youth, when I had to melt down tin soldiers to use as musket balls against the Redcoats... or was it redskins? I can't remember. Anyway, I had to walk uphill all three ways to school and back, running from glaciers all the while. It was torture, lemme tell ya. And then there's the story of how I met my first wife...

    Gaseous Snakes: An advanced (or is that "dumb"?) form of McFlys.
    A: I walk to the door and open it.
    B: Being a fellow with a bit of foresight, I hooked that doorknob to a car battery an hour ago. You're thrown across the room.

    Godmoders: Obvious.
    A: Now that you're strapped to the end of a naval cannon, I fire it.
    B: Whoosh! I nimbly dodge, somehow forgetting the fact that I'm restrained by three-hundred-pound chain!

    IDKFA-ers: Most likely people attempting to emulate Solid Snake or some other cheesy spy-novel hero.
    A: You're all out of ammo for all five of your Ingram submachine guns, 501!|). Since you're buck-naked, I know I can now safely step into the open and begin returning fire.
    B: Ha! Little did you know, I have twelve shuriken hidden within my pubic hair!

    McFlys: An all-too-common menace.
    A: Ha! Now that the force field is down, I run inside your evil lair!
    B: Um... um... there's also a super-secret second force field which causes you to die instantly! I just didn't say anything about it because... um... I had to do my laundry! Not because I just thought of it now! Honestly!

    Min-maxers: Not a lot of those running around here, thank goodness... that's more of a DnD-style paper game issue.
    A: I've successfully broken into the facility which gave you your incredibly 1337 power armor. Now I pull up the file on it. What does it say about weak points?
    B: The metal of my armor is... um... allergic to praying mantis urine.

    Miss Cleos: Obvious.
    A: ((OOC: There's a secret switch hidden in the lamp.))
    B: I suddenly think to myself-- why not check the lamp for hidden switches? Call me now for your free reading!

    Oxymorons: Luckily rare.
    A: I'm a farmer with a shotgun.
    B: I'm a black hole which emits blinding pulses of visible light!

    Puppetmasters: Another overly common occurrence.
    A: I step carefully into the room, peering around for occupants.
    B: Suddenly a dragon pokes you in the eye. You run screaming from the room, whereafter you go home, make a pickle sandwich, and call your mother to cry about how she ruined your life.

    Revisionists: Another prevalent problem.
    A: You chose the blue pill? Ooh, tough luck.
    B: Red! I said red! :scream: Don't go pulling that "I can read your previous post" mind game crap, either!

    Shoe elves: Pretty obvious.
    A: ((OOC: Well, gotta go to bed. Big neurosurgery test tomorrow.))
    B: Ho, ho, ho! Now that the loser's gone to bed, I can strap his character to a cross and peg him with rotten fruit!

    Speedhackers: One of the worst we have to deal with.
    A: I walk to the door and step outside.
    B: Suddenly, twelve men grab you, carry you off to my secret lair in Tibet, and torture you for weeks. When you finally die from the agony, we bury you in the frozen wastes. Hundreds of years later, arhcaeologists discover your frozen body and try to determine if you're another Lucy.

    Twinks: Sometimes allowed in certain RPs. If the RP isn't specifically about invincible deities and such, a simple rule is that if the strengths aren't counterbalanced with relatively equivalent weaknesses (or if the reasoning behind the phenomenal cosmic powers isn't eloquently and appropriately explained), you're dealing with a twink.
    A: A punch coming, eh? Well, seeing as you're a seven-year-old child and I'm riding in a twenty-meter mecha, I won't bother dodging.
    B: Fooled you! I have the power to DESTROY EVERYTHING when I punch it! I'm just like an X-Man, and therefore require you to suspend all logic when RPing with me! Oh, and I have the power to steal your girlfriend, too.

    Please, when making a character, and role-playing, check this thread to make sure you don't carry one of the shameful titles, as to make the Role Player's Realm a better role-playing experience! Also I'd like to note that if one commits one of these infractions, their post can, and will likely be nixxed, meaning ignored.
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