WoW Questions Thread.

Demon Child

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Have a question?
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1. What citys have an auction house.
2. Where do i get a flying ride to other parts of the world...
3. After I get a mount is it summonable ... Same thing with pets ..
4. How do pets work do I actually have to feed it meat and crap..
5. When doing PVP in PVE does your charcter actually die... And in PVP what happens do you have to go get your body like in PVE ?

Anything your heart desires.
No question will be made fun of or ridiculed. Period.

If you are feeling shy or feel people will poke fun at you,
feel free to PM me or Dream_Walker any questions about the game.

Thanks and happy posting.

-DC & Dream_Walker.
WC/WoW Officials.