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Aug 15, 2012
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[WoW Arena] Paladins 101 by @tKeR


This will not teach you how to play a Paladin but rather it will list their weaknesses and how to defeat them. This way, this guide can be useful for the person playing or playing against the Paladin.
Paladins have become the best all around healer to the worst healer in World of Warcraft. This was a big change as their DPS was weak to begin with. However, some Holy Paladins that grind their way through arenas can excel. Over the period of many buffs, Ret Paladins have now become very useful in 3v3.
Paladin healers are a very good 5v5 setup healer and can play in almost any composition.

Common Specs

Holy 41/20/0
- http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/info...105024130020300000000000000000000000000000000

-The weaknesses this spec has are the ones of a paladin. This is the only viable Paladin holy spec. The one point filler in the holy tree however can be argued many ways.

Retribution 0/20/41http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/info...005321130023000000000000523035130013125321001

-Since paladins are a hybrid spec, this spec is probably the most viable for Ret PVP. It is most used and the ultimate cookie cutter for a ret paladin.

Common Compositions


– Paladin is Holy
This is an old school build that utilizes two plate wearers. This is a great team against melee teams but lacks CC and Decurses.

-No CC at all.
- Cannot decurse.
- No offensive dispels.

Paladin/Warlock – Paladin is holy.
This is the best composition for a paladin in 2v2. However, this shares many of the flaws that the Paladin class has. Paladins have to cast heals and when you are in the open, a priest can get a mana burn on the Paladin. The warlock offers CC and an unreliable offensive dispel which helps the paladin the most.
-A disc priest can shutdown the Paladin healer.
-Warlock’s offensive dispel is very unreliable.


In 3v3, Paladins have a few choices in both ret and holy. I will list one of each.

Paladin/Shaman/Warrior – Paladin can be holy or ret.
This can be a double healer composition or double melee. Both holy and ret work here because of the paladin’s synergy with a shaman and a warrior. A shaman is best around a paladin because Paladins offer magic removal while Shamans can offensively dispel. While playing as ret, many people make the mistake that you just go out and kill stuff. This is not the case because the warrior will always be the main DPS. The Ret paladin needs to be in charge of cleansing and blessing of freedoms before they do anything else. However this is a very weak double healer team because of the lack of CC.

-Unable to CC.
-Very weak against drain teams.
-Only has one DPS, so it is very easy to shutdown the entire DPS.

Druid/Warrior/Paladin – The Paladin should be ret.
This is by far the best composition for a ret paladin. It is much like as with the shaman except the druid’s CC really makes this team shine. This team is notorious for being one of the only teams to be able to kill a druid in top time. This team can do a lot of sustained burst but good teams will put the paladin in a defensive position, rendering him useless.

-Weak if ret paladin isn’t free to DPS.
-Has no offensive dispels.


This concludes the guide for the paladin!


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