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Aug 15, 2012
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[WoW Arena] Druids 101 by @tKeR


This will not teach you how to play a Druid but rather it will list their weaknesses and how to defeat them. This way, this guide can be useful for the person playing or playing against the Druid.
Everyone dislikes druids. People think druids are overpowered and this statement is half true. They carry a very powerful spell called Cyclone which shuts down a target from doing anything for a period of time. The short cast and undispellable nature of Cyclone is what annoys people. However, Druids can be easily killed if timed right. Druids also do not have any offensive dispelling.
Druids also rely on Healing over Time as a primary source of healing. They have a couple burst healing methods, but those are most of the time unreliable.
Their strongest feature is the fact that they cannot be Polymorphed or snare/rooted. When they change forms, they can easily get out of anything.

Common Specs
Resto 8/11/42
- http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/info...000005023010000000000000025003350031500331350
-Not as much offensive properties as a Dreamstate druid would have.
-Not as good mana regeneration as compared to a Dreamstate druid.

Dreamstate 34/0/27http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/info...100000000000000000000000005023350031500000000

-Loses Swiftmend, a powerful spell that burst heals.
-Loses Feral Charge, a very powerful CC.

Common Compositions
– Druid can be dreamstate or resto. (I prefer Dreamstate)
A very versatile team except for the fact that offensive dispels are absent. There is good CC and very good sustained DPS making this one of the most popular healer combos for a Rogue. With dreamstate, the druid is able to burst DPS and basically have unlimited mana regeneration but is easier to kill.
-Unable to cleanse magic. This includes freezing trap, entangling root, etc.
-Has no offensive dispel which means buffs would be all intact.
-If druid is dreamstate, then they are weaker against spellcasters.

Druid/Warrior - Druid should be Resto.

A very powerful team that has earned the most spots in the Gladiator rankings. This is popular because of the synergy between the Druid and the Warrior. The Warriors ability to peel opponents off the Druid makes this combo almost impossible to beat with any other melee combination. However this team struggles against double DPS team due to the Warrior not being able to do anything. The particular counter to this is Shadowpriest/Warlock.
-Double DPS teams can be an issue, otherwise this composition is almost flawless.
-No offensive dispels
-Cannot dispel magic

– Druid should be resto.
This is a very solid counter to any priest team. The key reason is that Mana Burns are very inefficient against this setup. If this combo is executed perfectly, it can be very hard to beat. The key is CC because druids cannot cleanse magic. This is another combo that has no offensive dispels.
-Unable to cleanse magic
- Weak against CC
-No offensive dispels
- Frost novas and sheeps can shut down the offensive presence of this combo for a long time.

Druid/Warlock/Warrior - Druid should be resto.
This has become very popular recently due to the strength of Priest/Mage/Rogue teams. This composition basically counters that. It is quite simple because Druid > Priest, Warlock > Mage, Warrior > Rogue. This composition also has great synergy and is very complicated to beat. One flaw it has is a composition called Shadowplay (Shadow Priest/Warlock/Shaman). They counter this team because of the druid’s lack of magic dispels and offensive dispels.
-Unable to cleanse magic
-Unreliable offensive dispels

I have done Rogue, Mage, Paladin, and now Druid. These are the only classes I have played for PvP well but if you have any questions about any other classes, feel free to send me a PM.
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