World of Warcraft release date announced!


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We haven't been putting too much news here here recently, but I think this merits it. The World of Warcraft release date has finally been announced! It will be on shelves November 23 (one day after the November 22nd rumors I've seen around recently). So go preorder the game, mark your calenders, and get ready to watch your GPA drop a point.

Blizzard has also finally announced the prices. The game itself will be released with a suggested retail price of $49.99 US for the normal game and $79.99 for the collector's edition. The monthly fee will be $14.99 a month ($12.99 if you buy it in 6 month chunks). More info and discussion here.


More than $10 usd monthly is not worth it for any game. That is why I don't like MMORPG.
Finally! SCG news will probably come now.
'releaced' is spelled wrong on the second paragraph.