Which lgoo do you like better?

Which logo do prefer?

  • [IMG]http://battleforums.com/forums/images/logo.jpg[/IMG]

    Votes: 5 27.8%
  • [IMG]http://battleforums.com/forums/images/newlogo.jpg[/IMG]

    Votes: 13 72.2%

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Which logo do prefer?

Special thanks to FlashFLores for creating the silver logo.


I voted for FlashFLores' version.


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I voted for flashflores's version provided that he takes the star thing off the F.

Wing Zero

lol just as planned
previous logo. it needs a better background to it imo


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I voted for the E looks like an F.


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what gimmi said..

Pains Requiem

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ahah.. now people are wanting to change the background again. Damn- they want a new skin allready.

I like Flash's because I'm used to the old logo having blue in it.


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I think they are both pretty good. It was a hard decision but I picked flash's.


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Sorry Flash, and sorry guys, but the current logo just seems so "fairy-ish" to me.

Doesn't match the theme of "battleforums" at all from my perspective, and I'm sure more people share this same idea.


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Second one by far, if only for the colors. The older one I like too, but I would like to see an updated version of it.


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Lol. I like how the one I spent an entire afternoon making from scratch --that matches the color scheme of the forum-- isn't even in the poll.

Between the two? Old one. The new one exchanges color for two little sparkle thingies...and I don't think that's a fair trade. Besides, it looks like all he did was a Desaturate on the gold portion and add the blue line and sparklies. Noob work imo. =)


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Jkar can you post the one you made? I don't think I saw it, and honestly, I hate these two.