Which Diablo 2 character do you like the most?

Which Diablo 2 character do you like the most?

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I made a poll asking the same question for Diablo 3; which of the seven characters do you like the most?


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Barbarian, no doubt. Second place the Assassin.

Basically, I like the Conan-esque strength the Barbarian has, combined with his incredible speed and ferocity. Plus, by Lvl 30 that lovely resistance increase...


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Although I hate to favor the cliche character, but the paladin is hands down my favorite. It's mostly because
1. I am most skilled @ synching on a hammerdin
2. I love classic melee classes like Zealers and Smiters.

Then there is the fact that you can also make Fisters, Chargers, and Auradins.

No other class gives you so many options.