What is a "pub nub"?



I've heard old what's-his-face mention "them" many times. What are they?


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I believe that it's a term used in online games. pub nub would be public game noob, if I'm not mistaken. Seems more fit for counter strike though, since people go into public games there all the time on a different level then Diablo II or WarCraft III.


Yeah, on d2 people who play public games are there for runs and exp. Thanks for the answer.


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It is a name for a player who only plays in public servers. Generally only used in FPS games by guys in leagues such as CAL or CEVO.

Darkmatter is correct, though where did you hear this? I'm curious as to why it was used in an RPG. If it was that is.


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iamh4x0r said:
teh pub nub does not know wut a pub nub is lol?

Oh TeH IrOnY

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Yes, competitive or "professional" players often refer to casual gamers as this, quite irritating really. :(