What Happened To Starcraft?

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Back in the old days, (3 months ago), hacking was fun. People were interested in it, and it was sorta new, with the new hacks being released. Now, its dying. Ive been seeing less and less of "intelignet questions" here at battle forums. Mostly ive been seeing "wats a stack hack?" or, "anyone have mineral hack?"
What happened? What happened to the fun in hacking starcraft? Do you think now that starcraft is dying, that Bliz will bring in a sequel, or will they say, "to hell with starcraft, bring on war3." But if its dead, why did they ban, 200,000 starcraft accounts, including mine? What do you think blizzards next move for starcraft will be, since starcraft is dying?


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I dont know but I dout killing 200,000 accounts will make it more popular.

It was popular 3 months ago because the patch came out and winbots were coming out and people were racing to make the newest maphack (or atleast thats how it is in war3 when a new patch comes out)

Now everything is dying down and what has been made is done..
Basically Starcraft users were putting the edge pieces of the puzzle together, and just starting to put together the middle. I came along and put a bunch of pieces together. Then Nickolay put the rest of the pieces out there, and now the puzzle is missing about 5 pieces scattered about, which only few have. Every patch the puzzle pieces get undone, and the picture changes, and we put the puzzle back together. With every patch the puzzle gets closer to being done. If Blizzard cared about Starcraft, they would release a new patch, reviving Starcraft for us hack users and hackers, and also making it funner for people who are anti hack, because now it would be about skill.

I hate to say it, but Starcraft IS slowly dying. It has been out for 6 years and its time has passed. I admit, I dont play nearly as much and Im sure you guys are the same way. Its just lost its pizzazz and ladder games are completley shot.

The next generation of gamerz only care about consoles and not the PC. We dont have many new-comerz and the originals are mostly too "old" to play SC anymore. These kids think playing n the comp is "Nerdy" or "G33ky" and dont want to play. I think they are all gay. PC owns! :)

A patch/new hacks would be cool, but it cant stop the inevitable...Starcraft will die. Then, they make SC2!!! YAY!


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Yeah, but starcraft is still "popular" sales-wise. So when starcraft sales go down, like way down, then blizzard will hopefully do something about it. But for now, the sales are still "good" so blizzard wont do anything soon.
Man, your right. Darn.... Lol.
Sc is slowly going down.
Kill the Consoles!
We Luv PC!!!
Go Pc! We not G33kS!





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Yeah, battleforums starcraft sections are slowly dieing off. Means popularity in it must be withering. Sad enough. Blizzard doesn't give a shit as i've said MANY ***MANY*** times before.

Screw blizzard, lets release the private hacks. Lets cause chaos


if hacks such as "mineral hack' , or "mass attack hack" ever get released you might aswell just call this game HackCraft. Cuz We're just all competing to see who has the strongest hacks. I mean if these hacks ever get made then you might aswell make a fast build hack, a freeze your opponents units hack, an "i take all your mineral hack", or even a "What ever you build will be mine hack".

Some hacks are ok like map hack, lag spoofer, and color hack. But when u get do Drop hack, mineral hack, and so on... It just ruins the game entirely, cuz you dont need any skill and we should no longer call it a game. Call it hack wars.


I hate to say it but starcraft is slowly dying. It is so obvious blizzard doesnt give a shit about starcraft. Starcraft has only had 1 expansion packs and 10 paches but look at warcraft...Warcraft has had 2 sequals, tons of expansion packs, and a patch every month to supress map hacks. If blizzard gave a crap about starcraft they would be making patches like crazy, reset the ladder, and fix all of the dam bugs like float a drone. It only a matter of time before they come out with a warcraft 4 or some dumb console crap while we are left in the dust. They have probally just given up on the starcraft community for the more money that warcraft III is bring in, even thought technically starcraft had giving them the most money. Blizzard needs to wake up, they are missing out on what could possible be the highest selling pc game ever (starcraft 2) if they ever stop for a second on devolpment of warcraft!


Partly the reason of their apathy is due to the fact Starcraft was _never_ really planned.

Back in the day the programmers wanted a break and created an inside-game that they were doing for the hell of it. That's when they realized it may make some money. (money all about the money)

The last version of the beta had Guardians, Valkeries, all that stuff that only came in the expansion.

That means they intentionally took them out before release so they could make more money later.

It'd be nice if a loyal company that KNEW what they were doing purchased all the rights to starcraft.

Hey in that aspect, we should get a few of us togeather and get in business suits, go up to their headquarters and offer half a million for Starcraft and all its intellectual property rights.

This would proove if they're interested in it still.


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well I my self have map hack and sometimes i use a stack hack but I can go with out them... if no1 used hacks neither would I. (if you cant beat em join em) how long has it been since blizz said they were making starcraft 2. Stupid people who made hacks... wait here's a thought.... maybe blizz is so busy making sc2 they have been neglecting every other aspect. because sc2 is going to be soooooooooooooo cool......... then again..... not!


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Starcraft 2 would such, at least for me, cause im not the rpg type. And blizz is more concerned with warcraft, and the other money makers. Starcraft to them, is just another way to reel in the money. Like i said before, once this real brakes off the string, they will make and purchase a new stick, Starcraft 2.
Starcraft ghost..... is it really going to be nothing tlike the frist? when i first heard about SC:2, i thought it would be bigger, better map, units, and buildings. Then people have been saying that its goin to be totaly different. i dont know wat to think.
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