Welcome to Forum Awards v2.0!

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Can you love such me?
After being in the Forum Awards business since the beginning, it has come to our attention (and others), that we are in need of a major revamp.

Yes, that's right, Forum Awards has changed! No longer will there be an award each month, no longer will you have to vote via PM, and no longer will we have only standard awards!

To fill you straight in, here is what is going to be different -
  • Forum Awards will be a yearly activity, held within BF's anniversary (month of July).
  • There will be a LARGER (within reason) range of awards, examples are: Biggest Spammer and Best Flamer.
  • Voting will be conducted via a private poll. One thread per award.

The new Forum Guidelines which cater for these changes can be found here.
Note: These guidelines must be read. If you fail to read them and you accidently break a rule, no excuses will be accepted.

We hope you like these new changes and we hope to see you again in July '05!

Many thanks,

- Forum Award Staff​
Not open for further replies.