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And it obviously starts with you people, well some of you. The Wc3 crowd.

As some of you are aware, or unaware. I am the second admin who is into this game (the first being Swooper back in 2002/2003). And still is. My record is not very good, but the experience I have on that 2004 account makes up for it (3500+ games).

As you can see, this board has been dead for awhile. And it would be nice to start getting some Q/A or Activity flowing here again. So far, we have had decent ideas over time: The dota thread, Gorillia's Widescreen sticky, Impactor's replay threads.

I was wondering if you people had suggestions to improve this section. However, I will not tolerate any threats against others or myself. And it has to be helpful.

Also, because I am a strong believe in the Reign of Impactor.. I will not accept hacking of any form as part of it. Exceptions are banlist, the ping checker program, or torrents to bootleg copies of the game.


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Lol no one replied, hahahaaha. http://www.battleforums.com/forums/warcraft-i-ii-iii/130818-bfs-war3.html Bfs not for that, all here need to post crappy bs threads and sensless things, ok thx bye.

Chris, I'm staying here only 1) to arrange games with you and Theroy. There is no one in Northrend to AT or chat. if there were ppl I wouldn't waste my time. No offense but I am looking for better than you or Theroy, besides ur diff server and time zone, otherwise I wouldn't mind playing with you. But like will Theroy ever enter Northrend to see if I'm online to play w me. Why would he do that? Then why am I doing it too?
2) to show reps: to see how I play. The only ppl I care to see my reps are you and Theroy. My games are worthless, bad for huge sites like WCR or Replayers. Even if they weren't why show reps to random noobs anyway? I'd say reps are just for buddies. I just observe in a chat channel a top player from bg, and some other guys who are way better. I just think how I never reached even once lvl 40 even though I played for like 4 years solo, while for them lvl 40 is daily ordinary and below that is s*1t. And if we bring the scale so high as those to be the pros, rofl then we should laugh at 7:0, 9:1 coz the mentioned are beyond that. And that makes me again... bad. They don't even bother playing with NOobs in CG and after raping some I also stop stupid public games. And those who think are good in cg.. rofl rolf, what can I say about them? Ignore... never waste time with them.

I wouldn't repeat that waste of time in any forum ever again, I just wonder what are some doing here, chatting on random pointless bs ? Post Count 100 000. I'm done with guides, strats, or helping anyone. Even when sc2 is out I may read for a beginning but wasting too much time in threads or posts - no way. I'm limiting my stay here to min. Now I'm not very active, just reply occassionally.


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Ever heard of... PREVIEW SIGNATURE?


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Try to create a new race :O


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We aren't giving you another race for you to fanatasize about.

Go back to WoW. Scrub. :)