Watching La Liga soccer games in the U.S.

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We recently cancelled cable because it's been getting way too expensive (thanks Comcast), and my family decided to pull the plug and go all Internet. So now we watch Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime through the Samsung Smart TV thing, and I honestly don't miss cable all that much. We're also getting the usual local channels through a tiny digital antenna, so almost nothing has changed. The only problem is that we are no longer getting ESPN or the Fox Soccer channel, and so I get almost no soccer games (football for you Europeans) on regular television anymore.

I've found a few sites to watch La Liga games online, but the quality isn't that great, and neither is match selection. I get plenty of news coverage from Spanish football sites and a bunch of blogs, but I still need to watch my games, you know what I mean. At the very least, I'd like to be able to see Barcelona and Real Madrid games. HD would be great, but I'm not being picky here.

So if people could share their favorite way to watch soccer online, that would be great. I will be accessing from the U.S., so looking for sites that don't block American IPs or require proxies, etc.


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