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Warcraft III: The War of Tortonus project is finally getting some where!!!lol

Discussion in 'Warcraft Maps, Patches & Mods' started by XII, Jul 6, 2004.

  1. XII

    XII Guest

    Hi all, this post is to announce the beginning of an awesome campaign. its realy not the begining i dont suppose- more like the hatching of this campaign. for those of you who were once watching our projects website and eventually noticed that it was no longer being updated we are sorry, but we are happy to announce that in roughly 2 weeks part one of the three part campaign will be released. it will include a package of battle.net compatible maps which will contain our custom demon race, our naval units, and our race specific air transport system. for those of you who have not heard of our project ( Warcraft III: The War of Tortonus ) the website can be found at http://www.waroftortonus.com

    also, if any one has any questions about the campaign or about modding/map editing, there are three of us working on this project and each of us has mastered at least one different aspect of the editor so if you like you can email all questions to waroftortonus@cox.net campaign related or map editing related and we will get your questions answered.

  2. XII

    XII Guest

    Hi, i just wanted to let all who are interrested in the project know that we took down the forums on the website and replaced them with a features page.... it gives information on features unique to our project and will eventually changed so that each item has a link to a page with more information and screen shots about that feature!

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    Oct 2, 2003
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    No double posting o_O

    Interesting campaign