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Hello. My name is x-DW-x)BuRnT( administrator of the Warcraft 2 Server , and clan leader of the Dark Warriors. I started off playing Warcraft 2 when I was about 10 years old. It was the most amazing thing I ever saw, the channel lobby to meet other players from around the world and compete online against them in these really cool maps fighting with grunts, ogres, dragons, ships, and mages!

The games that I have played, and the thousands/millions of people that I have met online through Warcraft 2. It is great. Now I spend my time trying to give back to the game.

We have a free download of War2Combat Edition available at http://www.server.war2.ru
You can be online in only a matter of minutes playing with us!

We have a facebook group with thousands of other players at:


Replays of top players to get a hang of the game:


Custom Made Ladder for 1vs1 play


Please come give our server a chance and enjoy some games!