[Video] The Dark Knight Rises: Trailer


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[Video] The Dark Knight Rises: Trailer




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Gosh, I can't wait to watch this!

I ended up watching the first two in the wrong order. I was initially not interested in Batman Begins, and then a friend forced me to go and watch TDK, which I quite liked. I bought Batman Begins on DVD a month or two ago and was pleasantly surprised, it's my favourite of the two.

Because of all the hype surrounding TDKR, I feel like I have to hide from half of the internet until I've watched it myself, so I don't spoil it! I read that Hathaway does a surprisingly good Catwoman, which I am looking forward to seeing.


You know, after seeing this movie, I'm glad the triology is ended. Because this movie was actually pretty lame compared to the other two. Too many plot holes and truth be told, they needed a better catwoman. Hathaway isn't ugly or anything. But she is NOT sexy like that.