Undead Strats and Build Orders

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This thread is to organize build orders and strats for the UD. If you want to add a strat or build order not seen here, pm me. I have locked this thread to keep it organized.

Quick Fiends Build Order

1. All to mine, ghoul to wood
2. queue up 1 acolyte.
3. build a Graveyard,
4. Build a Crypt
5. Wait till 75 gold and build 1 acolyte
6. Build ziggurat
7. When crypt is done, build a 1 ghoul(At this point you should have exactly 120 gold as it crypt finishes to build ghoul)
8. Tomb of Relics
9. When graveyard finishes build 1 fiend and DK
10. Ziggurat.
11. Build 1-2 Fiend
12. build frost tower to stop harass
13. When DK comes out get rod of necromancy at Tomb of Relics
14. Go out and power creep with 2 spiders + DK + 2 Skeles (from graveyard).
16. Keep building fiends and upgrade to Halls of Dead once you get 210 wood.

After that it is up to you to figure it out. This strat is very quick and it is recommended that you use hot keys to do everything insync. The hotkeys for all of these can be found in Zaku and Avalon's thread for Newbies in the General Discussion Forum.


Here is another Build Order involving the Crypt Lord, Beetles and Crypt Fiends. Submitted by our very own Siphon.

Crypt Fiend+CL Build Order

1. Acolytes to mine, Ghoul to wood, Queue one Acolyte in Necropolis.
2. Build Crypt on side of Necropolis OPPOSITE of the ghoul; Build a Graveyard on the Ghoul side.
3. Train a 5th acolyte.
4. At 150 gold Make first Zig in strategic "Nerubian" position
5. Build an Altar.
6. Queue up two Ghouls, place rally point on wood.
7. Make next Zig when the resources allow.
8. Start your first fiend, after there's 100g after the first fiend is pending, upgrade first Zig to Nerubian.
9. Make 2 more Fiends, Crypt Lord hero with Carrion beetles.
10. Get 3 beetles, make your next Zig, then go with the 3 Beetles, 3 Fiends, and CL you should have to creep or harass.
11. Keep making fiends until you get 210 wood to upgrade to a Halls of Dead.

From there you can go many places. As a second hero you can choose from DK (to make the CL even more of a tank), Lich (to slow with frost nova so your crypt fiends will own better).

Strategic "Nerubian" position:

Place your zigurats near the outside of your base however, as long as it can hit hero harassers it's fine, because they tend to be afraid of the Nerubian and run, or they wait until they have like 150 life and they try to run out past it which makes for an easy kill or them burning their tp.


UD Fast Expand

1. All acolytes to gold, all ghouls to wood.
2. Queue up two acolytes and place rally point on gold.
3. Build a Crypt.
4. Build an Altar.
5. Build a Ziggurat.
6. Train an acolyte and send him to the enemies base to scout.
7. Build a Graveyard.
8. Constantly build ghouls.
9. Train a dreadlord once your ziggurat finishes.
10. Build a Tomb of Relics after you start training your dreadlord.
11. Then build another ziggurat, you should have 5 ghouls before this ziggurat finishes.
12. Once the store finishes, buy a sacrificial skull and a rod of necromancy. Remember to keep building ghouls.
13. Build a ziggurat once you have around 6-7 ghouls.
14. Queue up an acolyte, place the rally point near a gold mine. Place it far enough away to not get attacked by the creeps.
15. Once you have 7 ghouls you can creep the nearest gold mine. This number of ghouls varies from map to map. On Turtle Rock and Twisted Meadows you need at least 7. Lost temple needs only about 5.
16. Before you creep the mine, use the sacrificial skull to make some blight. Sleep one of the creeps and attack.
17. While the battle is going on, use the acolyte to build two ziggurats on the blight. When you have enough money, haunt the goldmine. Get a Necropolis there too. Building additional ziggurats for safety is recommended.
18. Once ziggurats finish, upgrade them to spirit towers. This will help defend the expansion.
19. Watch the replay to figure out how I won.

This strategy works very well against UD vs UD matchups. The fast expansion should get you enough money to out ghoul the other player. Even if he has better micro than you, you will win because you have the money. A replay of this strategy is attached. The guy I was playing against was level 11.

TFT 1.12
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