-Tutorial: Pharrel Tag Tutorial


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Here is one i had made not to long ago that i hope you like! Please do not post this anywhere else...

Post your outcomes!!​


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this is a tutorial on how to make a very specific image and then as a kicker you say 'do not rip'.




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Ofc he means we should rip it.

This is a classic example of having your cake and eating it too
This boy just wants to teach us a life lesson.


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this is an example of your cake tasting like shit and someone forcing you to eat it

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Ill never understand why sig makers think every photo on the internet is "stock" if its used in a signature. Says do not rip and not a single thing in the sig is his own lolz.


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As if we'll actually follow the "do not rip" signs...given the amount of copied images circulating the internet, that's a hard rule to follow.

- Amantis


best thread ever. but seriously i'd recommend a new font if you're going to be writing tutorials. try arial? i heard its good