Trash Talking & You


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Trash Talking & You



Ever been in the middle of a game, just ripping it up, and you opponents just look so terrible. You don’t know what you should do. Should you make fun of them? What should you say? Would it help? You finally decide it – “I’ll call him a newb, hehe.” It felt great, didn’t it?

Gaming branched out to the online community with some popular shooters and RTS’s which ultimately changed the way we communicate with out friends and/or react to them when it comes to video games, games, and in some severe cases in every day life.

It’s an undeniable fact that shit talking is often an effective tactic to use against your every day gamer. They always seem to get angry fast and you know if you get somebody angry they start making more and more mistakes and you can embarrass them further. For such reasons the ‘intertubes’ have essentially designated language and words specifically used for insulting other gamers online that appears to be pretty effective. Noob, newb, newbie, n00b, n008. The list is endless and gets pretty vulgar when it comes to insulting other gamers online.

I wasn’t sure how effective the above tactics really were until I tried them out myself. I played a few games of Warcraft 3/DotA and I was pretty much kicking ass. Then I started making fun of the other team – slowly but surely I could tell an obvious difference in their game play. They got progressively worse and kept going out of their way to “show me up” or pretty much prove themselves, prove that they aren’t a “noob.”

Now a days I don’t do much shit talking. I’m getting older and more mature and it just seems like a waste of time to me. I just like to sit back and enjoy my game and the growing population of shit talkers has started to make online gaming pretty terrible. Not so much that it’s frustrating, but that it’s annoying. Some cases of these children, teens, and adults that still haven’t grown out of the shit-talking e-bully phase are essentially ruining online gaming. Besides that such idiocy has even begun bleeding over into online communities and in real life situations. Just the other day I heard my brother call our sister a noob. A Noob. A little bit of me died inside. Each generation I see seems to be getting worse and worse when it comes to shit-talking and acting like a total prick on the internet and in general.

So do everybody a favor and set a good example for the little ones before nations start going to war over a Counterstrike match.