Trailers & Replays: how this board works


Let's fix it.
Welcome to the BattleForums Resource Centre!

Here you can find everything you need for the games of which we have seperate boards for. Of course, everybody is welcome to submit other content as well.

Every game we support has its own thread, which is enclosed by these symbols: <>
Any link you find in one of those threads is approved by the forum staff.

Do you want to submit content yourself? Simply make a new thread, and describe what you found. After that, add a download link and a link to where you found your content. That is all!

Any submitted content will be looked at by a staff member first. When approved, your submission will appear in the main thread of a game.
To add to that: contributing members will get credit for the find, as well as credits to spend in the shop. -which is still under construction-

Thank you for reading! ~ Aurora