Trading misc wug for it



I have a few items for trade at the moment and was wondering if someone would want to trade for these items Ill trade them all at once or one at a time. Ill list the varied stats youll have to look up the rest of the stats on your own.

heres the list;

Nord's tenderizer
197-242 Damage
279% Enhanced Damage
178% Bonus to Attack Rating
Freezes target +2
Cold absorb 12%

Chromatic Ire
22% to max life
All Resist +32

Cresent Moon
5% life stolen per hit
12% mana stolen per hit

210 Defence
198% Enhanced Defence

Gaurdian Angel
814 Defense
!96% Enhance Defence


Oh almost forgot I play ladder on USEast and my user login is DeathTrap_JW
lol no1 wants that