Thoughts on multi-boxing?


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So one day while in Alterac Valley, I was on Alliance, and the Horde were honor farming us not letting up out of our starting area. One weird thing I witnessed was how there was 5 guys that all looked the same and all had the same name, just small variations in the names such as accents. After thinking the guy was cheating, someone told me he was multi-boxing, which is some how not cheating, which made me go look it up. For anyone that doesn't know what it is, it is running multiple instances of the game with multiple accounts and controlling multiple characters at once. I discovered that the only reason that Blizzard doesn't consider it cheating is because Blizzard is making money off of people doing this. Since the people have to have multiple accounts, that means that they are paying multiple times a month to play. I think that this is such a horrible thing for Blizzard to allow and I still consider this cheating. What do you guys think?


I kinda side with Blizzard on this one. If someone is willing to pay that monthly fee, or in multi-boxer cases, often times 4 accounts worth of fees... then I don't mind if they play them at the same time. It can get annoying if it's in a BG, but if that's how they enjoy playing the game, then so be it. They miss out on being able to do a lot, too, so meh.