Warcraft The Ultimate Strategy


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Aug 15, 2012
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This article is not about the perfect strategy – there is no such thing as a perfect strategy, all strategies and pros and cons.

This article will instead tell you that the best strategy is your own.

During my professional game playing I lost many games. Most of the time, when I lost, my mates said: “WOW, did you see that awesome tactic? We must do it, with that tactic we will surely win”. But in rare occasions such happened. Why? Because we were not its creators, mainly because that was not our strategy, it was someone else tactic.

The perfect strategy is the strategy in balance with your skills, the strategy created by you.

When we create a tactic we must think of every single thing – good tactic don’t take minutes to create and hours to perfect, good tactics take weeks to create and months to perfect. A tactic must be strong enough to resist all other tactics together, that is why there is no perfect strategy except the one you create for you.

Also many times, when you lose a game, you usually blame your team mate, or you blame the strategy – few times we blame ourselves and we look for the errors we made during the game.

Blaming others, playing with great players, or stealing some professional strategy is not the key to succeed in a tactical world.

The only way to do so is to focus in your skills, in your own gaming style. Every time you lose, you should see your own mistakes, and not blame other people; although sometimes is not your fault, your team will never improve if you decide to blame someone instead of helping him.

Strategies and tactics only exists for the purpose of showing the best of your skills, that is why a stolen tactic from someone else will not work, it shows the best of the skills of the other player, not yours.

Still, when a good tactic was found, time must also be lost to perfect it. You will see that many tactics seem to be perfect in theory, but when playing they don’t work quite properly – so here is a tip for you, a good strategy is not static, a good strategy must change according to the game, according to every situation. However if a tactic is always changing, it won’t be a tactic at all and it will not benefit you, because you don’t have a guide line. This means that strategies must a have static part, and yet the must change according to many situations. Confusing? Try seeing it as a tree - the body of the tree is your well defined strategy, the static part. Then the ramifications of the tree are the different paths you can choose, to change your tactic according to the game. A good tree (strategy) has many ramifications (paths, backup plans). When the ramifications get sick, we just cut them (when a backup plan is no longer needed, we return to the body of the tactic). A good strategy allows all these things, but the tree has always the same body structure, the same beginning, the same static part.

Another very important thing about strategy is the beginning, a good beginning is very important; no matter the game you are playing. If you have a good beginning the rest will be easier, so making your opponent to have a difficult beginning will only work in your favour, as long as you don’t lose the control of the situation. This means that while attempting to difficult the start of your opponent’s strategy, you must also ensure that your tactic has a solid, bullet proof, beginning; like a good tree will grow up faster and better if it has good and healthy roots.

Another very important thing about trees is that if you cut all their ramifications, they will die. The strategy world is not that different, if you manage to cut your enemy’s backup plans (ramifications) you will have a better change to succeed upon him.

I hope you understand the comparison between a tree and a strategy; it helped to understand a lot better how the engine of strategy works. I just wish that, when I first started playing Warcraft 3, I would like to have a chance to read this same article. It would have been of great importance for me, and I am sure it would have helped me a lot, that’s why I am making it.

Another good thing of this article is that it works for the entire strategic world; this includes all games, as well as real life situations.

Now, after this, you are ready to read the 9 strategies I describe, I am sure they will help you, but keep always in mind – they are merely guides, the ultimate strategy will always be the one you create.


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