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Nov 23, 2003
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Russia, Moscow
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For thousands of years human race has reigned supreme over the Galaxy of Apolon. Those chosen by fate to be mages could travel from one world to the other using magical portals, they were the supreme beings starting life on new planets, living for hundreds of years. But those who did not have the magical ability were made slaves to the mages, they were considered dogs, sub-humans. However about 300 years ago there was an uprising. Planet Oxeon was the place of a great battle. Those who were considered dogs have for generations harvested power of technology, they were now called the Techs, and they have beat the mages back from Oxeon, their numbers grew rapidly, soon they outnumbered the mages 2000 to 1. The slaves became the masters, but even though outnumbered the mages were never completely defeated, they have called forth their magics, summoning countless legions of bloodthirsty demonds, striking their enemies with the full force of the elements. This war of atrittion has continued for 300 years, 300 years of blood, death and suffering. Techs prooved themselves just as ruthless as their former masters. New technologies were invented to better kill and counter the magical energy that was the main weapon of the mages. But there was a prophecy made right after the first uprising, that said that after 300 years of war there will be peace. The prophecy was made by the daughter of Lord Silibus the mage who was a ruler of Oxeon before the revolt. His family was being put to death on the burning steak, then his 6 year old daughter Natalie screamed out her forseeing. Today most think that Natalie was seeing hallucinations. The war continues just as brutally as it did for the past 300 years, the perimeter was drawn roughly down the middle of the galaxy, on one side live the Techs, on the other the mages and the struggle goes on.

OOC: Make a character, it can either be a tech or a mage, both of which are basically human.

Here is the form:

Race (tech or mage):
Rank: (military hierarchies will be listed lower, you can also be a civilian)

Here is mine:

Name: Vladimir Ohodovich Andropov
Age: 39
Sex: Male
Race (tech or mage): Tech
Rank: Polkovnik in the army
Equipment: Standard SUBS package of a Tech soldier. Titanium alloy armor with partial invisibility features, artafficial fiber muscle package (increases the force applied by the wearer by 20 times), Dragunov AR-891 Assault Rifle, Titanium alloy HS-578 helmet, a link to the satelite system
Bio: Was born on Sirius-14 deep within Tech side of the perimeter. His son was born with magical potential and escaped joining the mages, after that his wife left him. He has only been living on a hope that he will one day meet his son and find out what happened to him.

Military Hierarchies:





Social Structure:


Techs are ruled by a Oligarchial gov't, on the top of which is the 500 member senate. Emperor is elected once every 12 years and is the head of the senate, he holds 25% of the vote inside the senate and is the supreme commander of the armed forces. Right now Nautilus Pampilus is the emperor of the Tech Federation.


Mages are ruled by Supreme Archimage Raphael Peterson, below him is the council of the Houses, each member in that council represents one of the 27 families.

(First of all just post your character, i will begin the story after atleast one person joined us in here.)


Mar 6, 2007
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Ok, here is my character:

Name: Ivan Sergeivich Strakhov
Age: 15
Sex: Male
Race: Mage
Rank: Apprentice
Equipment: Open Black Robe revealing black pants and shirt underneath, Black Shades, Dark Leather Gloves, Stylish black boots, Slim 6 inch Knife/Dagger,Amphibian II .22 CAL Suppressed Pistol hidden inside his robe.
Bio: Murdering his master and his master's wife at age 11, Ivan has been known to live on the streets through his knowledge that he gathered from his master's books before shooting him in the temple numerous times and setting the house on fire. He can summon high class djinn or foliots to aid him, or conjure items such as money or food. Not many have noticed him as he keeps a low profile and is very sneaky and stealth-like. He uses violence to get what he needs. He is probably the next closest thing to a mix of an assassin and a part of the mob. Ivan doesn't care what side he is fighting for, as long as his missions are worthwhile and he is eliminating something.


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