The Paragon System


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Blizzard has just announced another feature that will surely make 1.04 the best patch Diablo 3 has ever seen! The paragon system is basically like raising the Diablo 3 level cap by 100! It increases your base stats a little with each level, your gold find percentage and your magic find percentage with each level you increase. There is no point in me saying much more, just read the article below. This is so exciting :D.

Introducing the Paragon System - Diablo III


I think this is a response to complaints and requests from the community for more content, something more accessible to the gaming experience, providing diversity to the game. It's an interesting idea, beyond its main objective is to extend the life of the game. This gives us the pattern of the guys at Blizzard are working to provide a better product. That is appreciated.


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It seems like they need a boost. I know a lot of people are getting pretty bored with it or were already. Like Bloom mentioned, hopefully they are working on new things to improve the game!


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I haven't played for a while, this is definitely something to bring me back. It actually looks really cool. Will definitely add more things to do in the game so that's always a plus.