The king has fallen.


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Stern have now offically been taken off the new york air waves.

I think it sucks how Janet Jackson shows her breastasis and can get away with it with hardly anything happening to her. and then howard gets fined up the ass and gets his show kicked off the air.

American Government had to make an example of someone after the superbowl and howard was the pastsy. I personally think American government can lick my balls.


Brother Stern is a good guy. Always rubbing titties and bust'n on peepz.
I hate all forms of censorship. We are supposed to live in a free country.
What if next time they decide to Ban BF because of some of the things my Brothers and I say?

Bloody hell.

-Vegeta Clam

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watch out static they just might like the thought of licking your balls all clean.

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i was never really a big fan of stern...but i never really sat down and listened to him...

what did he do to get kicked off the air? like, what did he say


If i remember right didn't one of his guests call someone a curse word or somthing. I've never really listened to em cuz he seemed boring and repetative but all these people getting in trouble cuz of stupid ****in janet jackson trying to get controversy for her new cd is bull shit.
I heard somthing about a disk jockey who they killed a chicken on air like 3 months before superbowl, no one said a word about it, then all sudden after suberbowl 3 months later he got fired for the incident? wtf is that shit


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I watched the show a few times, the midget ones were hilarious. AHAHAAH. The movie was funny too especially the "goat cum" part.


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i watched the movie and the tv show but i wouldnt listen to that ass. now i dont have to! yay!


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ever since the superbowl they have been coming down hard on stern. i think someone said the "N" word but other people have said it. its weird. I still think they went to far with kicking him off the air.


all they shoulda done was say to tone it down a bit, not kick him off w/ no warning. or was there a warning and they didnt want to tone it down???


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cencorship is bullshit. what happened to freedom of speech? was he paying for that station? i dont know much about it... but if you are paying for it you should be able to say anything you want. if someones paying you to do the show, then its up to them to keep your or not, based on whether or not people like you.
Yes, here to. Infact, I was listening to it this moring. About what the Presidents and their likes did in their child hood. Apperentlly bush had a few DUI's back in the back.


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He's funny, but he doesn't have to do some of the stuff he does, like the masturbation and such
i think they have censor ship for younger viewers,yet most of us know the words neways,and all the younger ones are gonna know them later on.this must be related to some lame ass religions


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i think he just got kicked off of the New york station... i still think that is a big fall for him. i mean... i cant fuggin listen to him. his home town doesnt even play him.