The Great Slave Ships


Here's an rp about Corsairs and thier captives. There are two objectives, really. The Corsairs pick up slaves and sell them off to the highest bidders or keep them for themselves. The slaves must attempt to escape when the opportune moment arrives (Ha ha, Jack).


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Character Sheet

Title: (Corsair only)
Class: (Corsair or Slave)
Abilities: (Please keep it humanly possible like keen eyes or excellent hearing)

: Alric Eladrin
Age: 24
Sex: Male
Height: 5'8''
Weight: 140 lbs.
Class: Slave
Description: He has the Eladrin family's trademark red hair and ice blue eyes. His hair is shoulder length and unruly. He wears a red silk scarf that runs to the center of his chest. He wears a loose, baggy blue tunic that has tears here and there. He wears poorly stitched black trousers and no boots or shoes. On his jaw, about an inch from the left side of his mouth is a small scar he got from a tussle on a previous ship. Serving many years on many slaving ships, his body is hardened to basic punishment and thus, to teach him a lesson, captains tend to use more brutal methods.
Personality: Quiet and complasive, Alric keeps to himself, knowing well by now not to trust anyone. He can get brutal when angered but he mostly keeps his feelings bottled up inside.
Weapon: None at the moment
Armor: Blue Tunic, Black Trousers, Red Scarf
Abilities: Quick Reflexes


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Name: Captain Vaartas Dragool
Age: 46
Sex: Male
Height: 5'9''
Weight: 163 lbs.
Class: Corsair
Description: A grizzled old seadog, Vaartas has seen his fair share of battles, and has the scars to prove it. He has a great beard, black with a smattering of grey, and his long black hair has only the sheen of silver. His piercing blue eyes have brought his crew to sometimes call him "Old Frozengaze." He wears a regal-looking "scallywag" -type outfit, topped off with the customary black pirate hat. In his waist belt are his preferred weapons, a cutlass/rapier set used for fighting in the two-sword style, and a large Indiana Jones -style bullwhip for administering pain and torment to whoever crosses him, be it subordinate or slave. Also holstered across the back of his waist is a simple flintlock pistol which he keeps loaded at all times, though he generally scorns the use of guns.
Personality: Feared by all his crew and slaves, Vaartas is a cruel taskmaster and violent ravager of the seas. Vaartas mixes the perfect blend of cold cunning and fiery rage, and he earned his captainship by filling the seas with his enemies and superiors. Heartless and discompassionate, Vaartas lives for cruelty and greed.
Weapon: As listed above, his cutlass, rapier, whip, and pistol.
Armor: Several layers of thick pirate clothing. Useless against bullets or direct piercing, but decent enough at lessing the damage of a flat slice.
Abilities: fast reflexes, and superb skill with his cutlass, rapier, or whip. A fair shot with his pistol, although it's not his preferred weapon.


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Title: (Corsair only)
Class: Slave
Description:Usually wears a hood shading his face. Not much of him is known yet. Very light for his age.
Personality:He usually doesn't talk much, but he is ready for almost anything. If something happens such as he doesn't get his pay he may start threatening. Usually practices for fighting by punching with the knife in his hand while walking.
Weapon: Secret Small Knife
Armor: Hard leather black pants,White long sleeve shirt,Black shoes.
Abilities: A quick healer. Good at jumping.


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