The Flash Technique


Can you love such me?
Not really, but if you remember FlashFlore's (a.k.a Metal Gear Flash) fire technique, you'll know what I mean.

And as promised, a show of how I used the tutorial (with many thanks!) for this "Graphics Battle" thing in another forum.
Note: Please see the details in the JRR forum here.

Image 1: I initially thought I was in round 2, so I decided to do the fire rope. But I got a PM after I was half way through saying that I was meant for round 3 (organizer's mistake) and left it as it is.

Image 2: The final work. Given the lyrics, I've changed it to a more angelic theme and used white and hints of pale shades of blue and purple.

I admit that my Photoshopping isn't as god-like as some people, but I like the glow lines. :)

- Amantis

Metal Gear Flash

Good work! I haven't ever seen the tutorial used quite like that before (the white one) but it looks better than I would have suspected.

How'd the contest turn out?


Can you love such me?
It's not really a contest as we don't get prizes for it. While it's a "graphics battle", it's more like a compilation of different people's photoshopping skills. What happens is that we're all lined up in order, and use the lyrics of a song (in this case, most of us voted on Creep by Radiohead), and each of us will have to incorporate the designated 1 line lyrics into our image while still showing bits of the previous one. So by the end of the song, all 8 of us should have done 5 images in total, bringing the final total of making 40 images.

The theme is JRockers though, so Lady Gaga isn't going to show up in any of the images.

Initially, I wanted to use another tutorial with something similar, but that one involved way too many colours and was like...3 magazine pages long. Hahahaha.

For the record, the values used in the blending options and layer styles are the same (but with 2% spread in one or two of the layers), except by changing the glows to really pale blue and purple so that it's not total white (which will probably be a bit much) and set the brush size to around 3-4 px.

Will keep you guys informed when my next turn comes. :)

- Amantis