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Guy with Most Posts on Quiet Board.
I have decided to see what you people want. And I came up with this idea. Why not discuss the problems of BF with you?

So as time goes on, I will look into problems this board has as they become apparent. And I will make a poll-less thread about them. You are free to:

  1. Post Suggestions
  2. Discuss about the topic in general
  3. Propose Ideas that may be beneficial
  4. Criticize or Praise other people's ideas
  5. Open up another discussion related to the thread in the poll, provided that you have given it well-thought out points. IF you haven't, it may be subjected to closing.

However, as I have discovered in my 1st Part thread (fixing Wc3) - there have been arguments such as trolling, flaming and naysayer members who aren't being beneficial to the repairs of

If you do not want to contribute to the discussion, then I recommend you don't post here. If you do, please note that the ruleset applies here. We will only accept insults or criticism to the idea, not the person who made the idea.

So let's hope that this plan works out. That way, you people can get a say, I can listen to your suggestions, and we won't get the Asylum dragged into this mess (especially cause I have decided to not read most of the posts there anymore, except for ones that do need replies).

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