The Arcane Sanctuary (Rules Revision)


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(The Arcane Sanctuary - Closed)

The Arcane Sanctuary is an area of Diablo II as most of you know, but taken literally, it could mean a haven for the arcane, including the discussion of arcane things. More accurately though, this is the place for intelligent discussion and debate on BattleForums.

Suitable Topics of Discussion

  • Anything which has multiple (preferably contradictory) viewpoints.
  • Threads here do NOT have to be arcane or even serious! So long as you can discuss or argue a topic based on evidence (factual or facetious as it might be), it's allowed.

The Nature of Discussion

  • Your posts must intelligently do at least one of the following:
  1. Introduce the topic if you've started a new thread.
  2. Make claims, which should be backed up by evidence.
  3. Question the evidence or lack thereof from an earlier post in the thread.
Rules of Discussion
  • No Chatting - and that also means that this is not the Agony Aunt section! Fair enough if you want to debate, for instance, whether it's ethical to date a friend's ex... but if you're looking for advice on your personal life, or dieting tips, ask for it in Chit-Chat.
  • Post Your Opinion - Topics such as "Does anybody here think the constitution of the United States is a legally binding document? Discuss" will no longer be allowed. You must post your opinion in your thread. We are not here to do your homework.
Also, when responding to a thread, posting with phrases such "I agree with him/her", "Quoted for the truth" or anything along those lines, with no other content or opinions of your own, are NOT allowed.
  • No Flaming or indulging in other behavior offensive to other members - take out your frustrations by other means. At the discretion of the moderators, offensive posts may be edited or deleted.
We all have our different values and beliefs as human beings, so please understand that although somebody may be criticizing your argument it does not necessarily mean that this person hates you. You are allowed to disagree, but that does not give you the right to insult others. What's the point of debating if you expect everybody here to agree with you? This is exactly what the point of the Arcane Sanctuary is, to argue over facts and opinions. Respect each other - that's the real spirit of a debater.
  • Topic Bumping - The act of posting in a topic that is not on page one and is over seven days old.
Topic bumping is generally frowned upon, as most of you know. We really don't mind it, so long as you announce that the topic is being bumped. That is the first of two conditions. The second is the most important one. I can not stress this enough, only, only, bump if you have something important and valid to say, at least a couple paragraphs in length. No one liners or you will get warned and the post will be split and voided.

Now of course, making a new topic is always the preferred option, and copying and pasting a certain reply from an old topic and starting a new thread to counter that reply is welcomed, and preferred.
  • Grammar - Here in the Arcane Sanctuary, we are not sticklers on grammar, but we do have certain rules regarding grammar.
  1. No L337 speak is allowed, save for certain words like r0xx0rs or suxx0rs. However, entire posts in L337 speak are not allowed, and will be treated as spam.
  2. No AOL speak, also known as Gaheadga talk. If you do not know what that is, see the following link, click here.
  3. NoNe Of ThIs.
  4. Ok is Yoda talk in two or one lines, but not for the entire post.
(Original post by Raya WolfSun - revised by Krovvy)


I was going to combine the "How to Debate" with it, but it took me years just to get this finished. I tried cutting some fat, and making it easier to read as well as fixing some old references to the Asylum, but it still needs work I think. If anyone would like to chip in and redo what I've done or add to it, go for it. I just thought I would give it a shot.

Note: A screw up in my checking account means no internet for me until the Friday after next, so go ahead and finish things if I'm not around.


I'm going through the post correcting a few minor imperfections.

Thanks a lot for the submission, Krovvy.


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Well make a new thread or split this into the Arcane Sanctuary whenever you feel it's correct. I'm pretty much done with it, unless others have suggestions.

Edit: Is it just me or is there an extra space under the Suitable Topics of Discussion section?


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