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Unit list (updated) SOURCE: Blizzard

Trains From: Barracks
Armament: 8mm C-14 Impaler Gauss Rifle
Role: General-purpose Infantry

Description: Marines are the first line of defense for most terran worlds in the Koprulu sector. In the time of the old Confederacy the vast majority of marines were criminals or rebels who had undergone mandatory neural resocialization. Freed from any previous allegiances or ideologies, these fearless soldiers stood ready to defend Confederate interests with their lives. The intake of "resoc" marines has been scaled back in many places since the fall of the
Confederacy, but remains a common practice, for there are seldom enough volunteers for the job. The heavy armor worn by marines is effective against small-arms fire and provides them with full life support and NBC (Nuclear/Biological/Chemical) shielding for operation in deep space and other hostile environments. Ballistic alloy combat shields have also been developed in light of experiences during the Brood War, giving an option to toughen up marines faced with an increasingly lethal

Special Features: Stim pack (increased firing rate with loss of life as a penalty)
Upgrades: Firing range expanded 25%

Trains From: Barracks
Armament: P-45 Scythe Gauss Pistols, D-8 Charges
Role: Raider

Description: Reapers are the most hardened terran criminals, taken from the most dangerous and violent prisons. Potential marines who prove too intractable even after resocialization are instead sent to the "Icehouse" in the Torus system, where reapers are trained.
Reaper troopers are chemically altered to make them even more aggressive before being subjected to weeks of brutal training in close-quarters combat and the use of their jet packs. A reaper who survives two years of duty is granted a full pardon and freed, his debt to society fully paid. In five years of service, the Reaper Corps has yet to have a single trooper survive more than six months.

Features: Personal Jetpacks which allow them to fly into places of bases where regular melee units cannot reach.

Builds From: Factory
Armament: Twin Gatling Cannon (assault mode)
MT50 Lanzer Torpedoes (fighter mode)
Role: Air Combat/Ground Support

The Brood War revealed critical weaknesses in terran anti-air capability. The new Wraith combat fighters and Valkyrie missile frigates proved to be an unwieldy combination against agile zerg airborne organisms. Ground-based anti-air support from goliath assault walkers was too limited in its mobility: all too often airborne attackers would simply move out of the goliath's range and find less well-defended targets to destroy.
In the aftermath of the war, terran weapon technicians proposed a radical new concept to resolve both of these problems. Based heavily on the transformation design of the terran siege tank, the viking was designed to be the ultimate anti-air and ground-support weapon system. With the ability to change its combat role from an assault walker to an air-superiority fighter, the viking can switch smoothly to fulfill tactical needs in a developing battle.

Features: Ability to fight air and ground, Flying ability

Trains From: Barracks
Armament: 25mm C-10 Canister Rifle
Role: Stealth SniperTrains From: Barracks
Armament: 25mm C-10 Canister Rifle
Role: Stealth Sniper

Description:On the battlefield, ghosts are rightly feared for their preternatural sniping ability with the C-10 canister rifle. An unwieldy weapon in the hands of others, the C-10 is capable of a one-shot kill when used by a ghost. Tactically ghosts' primary responsibility is to locate enemy structures or units and eradicate them by calling down drop-pods or tactical nuclear weapons. The C-10 is equipped with an underslung low-frequency laser to pinpoint targets of such strikes.
The most unnerving skill of these agents is their ability to cloak themselves from enemy sight. This "invisibility" has earned ghosts a fearsome reputation for their mysterious battlefield tactics. The psionically powered personal cloaking device is a special-issue item only available by request. Once equipped, the device meshes with the ghost's hostile environment suit so that with an effort of will, the operative becomes entirely undetectable without the aid of specialized sensory equipment.

Features: Authorization of nuclear launch, Cloaking ability, Lockdown

AH/G 24 Banshee
Builds From: Starport
Armament: Backlash Cluster Rockets
Role: Tactical Strike Aircraft

Description:Many experiments with dedicated air-to-ground attack have been undertaken by the terrans. Various dead-end approaches were tried and then discarded: ordnance packages for dropships, remote semi-autonomous drones, and airborne artillery platforms, to name but a few. Such continual compromises eventually led to retrofitting variants of the Wraith space superiority fighter with a belly-mounted burst laser to fulfill the role in the short term. Even so, the abiding problem of finding truly effective air-to-ground support below battlecruiser weight remained.
As the Dominion conquered additional terran worlds, the banshee was cast into a new role. Guerilla freedom fighters making hit-and-run raids against Dominion forces found themselves hunted by banshees that could respond quickly enough to catch them as they were fleeing to their hidden bases. In recent years the banshee has gained a nasty reputation as a Dominion terror weapon because it has been used more and more often in urban conflicts, where its indiscriminate attacks have killed countless non-combatants.

Features: Cloaking, Air to Ground, Air to Air

Built By: SCV
Armament: "Thor's Hammer" Particle Accelerators, 250mm Bombardment Cannon
Role: Ultimate Heavy-assault Mech

Description:he Thor project has been shrouded in mystery since its very beginning. Agents of the Umojan Protectorate were the first to uncover a trail of clues that the Terran Dominion was intent on creating some kind of new terror weapon. The Umojans' curiosity was aroused when they heard rumors that the huge Simonson munitions facility on Korhal IV had been placed under a complete security lockdown by Dominion forces. Something big was in the offing, so big that the workers at the Simonson plant had been virtually placed under arrest to prevent any information from leaking out.

Features: Powerful melee abilities, Slow movement makes him prone to hit and run.

Builds From: Starport
Armament: Laser Batteries, Yamato Cannon, Plasma Torpedoes
Role: Capital Ship

Description:hese massive, heavily armored combat ships are virtual flying fortresses, built to keep the peace and dominate the space lanes of the Koprulu sector. Outfitted with bristling laser batteries and thick neosteel armor, these imposing vessels are among the most powerful to be found in terran space. Many commanders use battlecruisers as their command vessels during extended campaigns. There are several examples of vessels specifically refitted for this purpose, such as General Duke's Norad II and Norad III, as well as the battlecruiser Hyperion commanded by Jim Raynor.
The Yamato cannon is a terrifying weapon that uses an intense magnetic field to focus a nuclear detonation into a cohesive beam of energy. The cannon requires a huge reserve of energy to fire, but its effects on the target are impressive, to say the least. Plasma torpedoes give battlecruisers an armament capable of saturating a target area with a lethal deluge of fire, ideal for breaking up oncoming attack waves or ravaging a defensive position. As with the Yamato cannon, a battlecruiser needs to build up a sufficient reserve of energy to unleash a plasma torpedo bombardment.

Features: Yamato Cannon, High HP, upgraded armor

Command Center
They also have the ability to manufacture SCVs and serve as the return point for mining vehicles. Heavily armored and sturdy, the slow-moving command centers are most vulnerable when they are on the move.
Recent improvements have included the addition of bay facilities to carry a number of SCVs while the command center is in transit. This facilitates rapid exploitation of fresh mineral fields or vespene pockets, as well as supplying a handy shelter for the SCVs in case of enemy action.

Available upgrades (Sweeping Station, Increased armor)

Sensor Tower:
A sensor tower processes a whole battery of input, constantly updating a commander's knowledge of the battlefield. By using both passive and active thermal and electromagnetic scanning mixed with millimetric radar sweeps, input from seismic sensors, and Doppler analysis, a sensor tower can quickly pinpoint any target within range. Even foes that are out of sight behind terrain can be detected, although a visual verification will still be required to positively identify them.
The downside to all this multi-spectrum output is that foes can easily detect the presence of a sensor tower and use it to identify the whereabouts of a terran base. Other strategies revolve around "spoofing" the tower with decoy units or simply staying outside its range. Terran commanders have been known to counter by erecting sensor towers in fake base locations just to keep enemies guessing.


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