Team Fortress 2: Basics Guide Part III


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Teamfortress 2 Basics Guide Part III by @tKeR

This is the last part of my TF2 guide. The medic, sniper, and spy will be covered in this.


The Medic is the healing class in Team Fortress 2. They are most likely going to be in the front line to help teammates. When healing, you can also fill up the “UberCharge” bar. When this bar is full, you can grant an ally invulnerability and 100% critical hits for 10 seconds. Let’s have a look at some useful Medic strategies.
- The best class to use uber for is the heavy because of their ammo count. They will make the most use of it.
- The medigun can stay attached to allies when they are bent around corners. Utilize this fact to stay out of line of fire.
- You should try to heal everyone! A common mistake is that medics heal only one person (most likely their friend), but you are more effective when you spread heals amongst everyone.
The medic is essential for a good offense and there should always be at least one on every team.

The sniper is a class that is very terrain dependant. He excels in maps such as 2fort because of the range difference. A key thing to know is that the Sniper Rifle becomes stronger the longer the Sniper remains zoomed in. The sniper is very weak in close combat. Let’s review some tactics.
- Your sniper dot is visible to the enemy. They will know if they are being camped. Try to stealth your dot by pointing it to walls that they cannot see.
- It is a good idea to switch sniper spots constantly. Enemies will notice and will take advantage of it.
- Sound is key in not being hit from behind. Keep a ear out for footsteps as that is very important in playing a sniper.
Snipers are very fun to play but most of the times are not needed!

The Spy is the stealth class in Team Fortress 2. He uses his cloak to disguise him into other units to sneak behind enemy lines. A spy is dangerous from behind as they can kill some classes in one hit with his knife. The spy is also the perfect unit to destroy engineer tools despite some detecting him. Here are some useful strategies to apply in game.
- It is pointless to use disguises after you have been seen. Only use it in a safe area.
- Spy-checking is way too easy, so you should rely on your cloak to get to places.
- Cloak does not work on fire, so it would be a waste of energy.
- Many people underestimate the strength of the revolver. Don’t. The revolver is very strong to use and you can use it for kiting slower classes.
The spy is my personal favorite (and Gabe Newell’s too) because it is very fun and rewarding to play.

This concludes the basics guide for team fortress two. To many novice players this may seem to be common sense, but I wrote this to help people beginning to play.