Team Fortress 2: Basics Guide Part I


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Teamfortress 2 Basics Guide Part I by @tKeR

Team Fortress 2 is a multi-player first-person shooter, developed by Valve Corporation as part of “The Orange Box.” This article will discuss several different strategies for playing as each of the nine classes; Scout, Soldier, Pyro, Demoman, Heavy, Engineer, Medic, Sniper and Spy.

There will be 3 parts to this article:

i. Scout, Soldier, Pyro
ii. Demoman, Heavy, Engineer
iii. Medic, Sniper, Spy


The scout is the most athletic class out of the nine, with a speed percentile of 133%. He also has the ability to double jump which can be very effective against slower enemies. The scout really excels in melee and as well as point capturing. Moving on, the following is a list of vital strategies the player should keep in mind while playing as the Scout.
- Always double jump while using your scatter gun. This makes it very hard for the enemy to hit you and also makes it hard for the enemy to dodge your gunfire.
- The double jump can also save you from potential fall damage. All you need to do is double jump before hitting the floor.
- If you are behind an enemy that has low hitpoints (Scout, Sniper, Spy), you should always use melee to conserve ammo. Just a few swings and they will drop.
- You must use your speed to your advantage. Much like using double jump to make it hard to shoot, while you are in melee, you should try to run around the opponent. Try not to run in front of him though, because that is where his crosshair will be!
- A common misconception is that scouts cannot defeat heavies. It is actually quite simple to defeat a mediocre one! Just keep running around him whilst attacking him and he should never be able to hit you.
By following the above listed strategies, tied in with some common sense, you will likely be successful playing as the Scout.


The soldier is very well balanced and has many tricks up his sleeves. Rocket jumping is one of the tricks the soldier can pull off. With a cost of some health, you can jump and shoot a rocket to the ground to make you get to unreachable places. Some things to keep in mind while playing as the soldier:
- This is common sense but I know so many people that do not do this. Always keep your rocket launcher fully reloaded. This is very useful for fights.
- You should never aim a rocket direct on. They are powerful and you actually can make them land faster by hitting walls or their feet.
- If you ever run out of rockets while in a fight, you should always switch to your shotgun or melee. Rockets reload slowly and sometimes it is not valuable.
The soldier is very easy to learn, but learning to master him takes a bit longer. If you follow these strategies, hopefully it will make it a bit easier.

The Pyro

The Pyro is just how you would imagine him, someone who likes to play with fire. His main gun is the Flamethrower, which inflicts damage over time. The Pyro should be played very stealthy and you should aim to ambush because the Pyro will almost always lose front-to-front combat. Let’s have a look at some helpful tips to apply when playing as a Pyro.
- Like mentioned earlier, the Pyro is very weak in front-to-front combat. You should always look to ambush opponents.
- Use your flames strategically as the fire will most often confuse enemies on where you actually stand.
- When chasing an opponent that is already low on health, switching to the shotgun is a much better choice.
- Understand that the flamethrower has a very short range.

This concludes part one. Read more if you want to know about the other classes!