Super Smash Bros. Brawl: Quick Guide: Ike


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Quick Guide: Cause Your Friends to RAGE with Ike.
By @Wing Zero


Ike is from a video game series called Fire Emblem. It’s a Tactics RPG and I never finish any of those stupid things. In this quick guide I will tell you the best way to make your friends cry and rage with Ike.

Attacks to Use

All his attacks have bad lag. Meaning that it either starts up slow or attacks have an end lag. These following attacks will contain lag.

Forward Smash will have very bad start up lag but will end any ones life if you hit them.
Up Smash is another laggy attack but it covers his whole body.
Areal forward attack is the same as Forward Smash.

These Attacks will not have any lag
Triple A combo will guarantee a hit. He punches his opponent three times and then strikes with sword.
Up Aerial Attack is a good way to knock your opponent in the air.

What to do?

Ike has a very powerful knockback. But this power is traded off in attack and move speed.
What you need to do is either be first to attack or play defensively and wait for an opening. The key is to make sure your opponents can not dodge or shield any of your attacks. Try to catch them off guard or combo them with your Triple A attack. Triple A almost guaranties a hit and it’s a good idea to spam it if you can. Counter if necessary and you know that you can counter it.

-A good way to start off is Triple A, followed by a series of aerials. If they are off the ledge charge his neutral B and try to edge guard with that.

-Ike is decent at edge guarding with his knock back power. If your opponent tries to recover, you can do many things to keep them from coming back and grabbing the ledge. You can try to spike them down the bottom of the stage with a Down Aerial attack, or if you want to be fancy the bottom part of his Natural B attack. You can also use his Forward Aerial to send them off the screen. These might work often since air dodging might cost them the change to recover successfully.

Final Words

Just keep your cool and fight for friends with Ike. He will Guarantee a rage event due to his ridicules knock back power. Remember not to over do it since he isn’t that fast of a character. Try to have a match up where he has an easy time against your friends. Characters that are slow or light weight can be easily dealt with using Ike.
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