Super Smash Bros. Brawl: Quick Guide: Captain Falcon


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Quick Guide to Captain Falcon
by @Wing Zero


Captain Falcon is a bounty hunter from a racing game called F-Zero. The only racing series that will cause you to rage beyond anything you have ever raged at before. His real name is Douglas Jay Falcon and he comes from Port Town. He is in all 3 incarnations of Super Smash Brothers.

In Brawl he is a well rounded character who suffers from the gravity in the game. However with a little practice you can overcome this slight challenge. A change from Melee is his Knee Smash and Raptor Booster (Side + B). Raptor booster hit your opponent a little too high and the Knee Smash takes a little more skill to pull off. Another change is that his FALCON PAWNCH can change directions as he charges it up.

Common Attacks & Strats

Captain Falcon has a Varity of good attacks. They can also combo very well together. His Aerial game is one of the best. The attacks that you will want to try to use often is the Knee Smash (Ariel Forward A). This attack is very lethal. It can send your enemies flying at least 70 percent. There is a catch. It has to connect as son as he extends his knee otherwise he will just have a gimp knee and pass though your opponent and do some damage. A Gimp Knee isn’t too useless in the right situation like keeping your opponent away from having a successful edge recovery. Just practice and you should get a good timing on when to use it.

His rapid jabs are also ok in dealing damage but what I do mostly is pull off his triple jab and then his Down+A attack. It knocks my opponent in the air and I can either Knee him or do his Neutral Aerial+A which is his double kick.

Up areal attack can be used to juggle your opponent in the air, keeping him up there is a necessity to win with Falcon.

His Back Aerial A is also a good attack. It has a very good knock back and it is easy to use as a finishing move.

Grabbing is one of his most important skill. Since raptor boost send your opponent a little too high, grabbing will have to replace that. Try to grab and sting together some aerial attacks and repeat. When fighting you have to play defensively then go on the offence and repeat.


Captain Falcon is the most manly video game character ever. He is a little set back in Brawl but he will not be bumped down to a lower status with out a fight. Just practice with him and eventually you will have a good chance against your friends who mock his power. Remember to try and finish off anything with a FALKOOON PAWWNCH! and SHOW THEM YOUR MOVES
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