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Originally posted by SkuZZy
nice. You took sarcasm to a new level with that one. Bravo!
I don't think he did. I think he felt the need to take a s***, then feed that s*** to ross. Then take that s*** and eat it, only to s*** it out again, then handing it back to ross to eat once more, who would in turn, s*** it out followed by eating it again followed by pan_the_man returning it once again to ross for the eating.

As far as Version 2... I don't know about that. Maybe version 1.78. I mean, you didn't change a whole hell of a lot. The main page design looks a little different, and our avatars are centered in the 'name' column... certain specific things look better, but still, I think Version 2 should be reserved for something special. Something we can all reflect back on and think to ourselves "I was a part of that".

That's it, I'm posting a poll on what everyone else thinks =)