Starcraft WinBot Help NEEDED URGENTLY.

[09:54:37 PM] Winning Bot v1.03b14
[09:54:39 PM] BOT0: Connected.
[09:54:39 PM] BOT0: Sent SID_AUTH_INFO.
[09:54:39 PM] BOT0: Received SID_AUTH_INFO.
[09:54:39 PM] BOT0: Sent SID_AUTH_CHECK.
[09:54:39 PM] BOT0: Invalid version.
[09:54:39 PM] BOT0: Disconnected.

I've went through the forums. I've found the same person who had this problem. But somehow, that thread is not available anymore.

I know this problem is invalid version. I've downloaded the v1.11 hashes or wadever*latest* you call it and extracted into my starcraft folder and my bot. The same thing still happens. I really need details on how to do this.

I also need help wif the configuration of the confiq.ini. If you got any links to additional FAQ or whatever, kindly help me and post here plz.
Really need your help. THANKS ALOT IN ADVANCE!


This bot still works for 1.11b? I thought it worked only on the previous patch.

Oh, and that's diablo forums btw.