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Since nobody has installed a hack that requires extra information when posting a map, I'll just take the liberty and create this thread without the hack.

Please submit any maps you want in this fashion:
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Scenario Name:The name of the map.
Author: The creator of the map.
Description: A brief description of the map.

You may interpret 'brief description' differently than others.
Here is a bad example:
Description: You kill units.

Here is a good example:
Description: You must kill computer units with your Protoss fleet. More computer units attack you as the game progresses. Kill the computer's Brain before they kill you.

Here is an excellent example:
Description: You and 5 other humans are teamed up to destroy the evil Computer. The evil Computer will send waves of units destined to kill your brain. You must protect your brain while attemping to kill the Computer's brain. You must train your protoss units to attack the Computer's units. 30 heros in the game. 40 waves of attacks. 3 Bosses. Battle on Ice terrain. Don't accept failure.

If you don't know how to submit a map in the fashion above, just this post.

I will be updating this post to include links of submitted maps. Submit any maps you want, as much as you want. However, only submit finished, non-rigged maps. Please disable your signature when posting in this thread. Don't worry if you don't know how to or if you forgot, I'll just disable it for you.
Maps can be melee or maps that you didn't create but just love playing them!
Double, Triple, Quadruple,,, posting is allowed!
Submitted Maps
Archon Tag Team v2.1 submitted by Hiho-E(A)
Disease Defense Final submitted by Lwek
Lord of the Rings: The Faithful submitted by Wing Zero
LotR-Last Alliance Sc Version submitted by Eclipse_Hope
M+E+D+I+C submitted by Wing Zero
Mining Defense 1.2 submitted by Hiho-E(A)
Resident Evil Bound submitted by -Azrael666-


Scenario Name: Disease Defense Final
Author: Dark_Lwek now known as Lwek
Description: You, as a doctor, must train units to fight off 25 waves of diseases before they get to the heart. The heart can only withstand a certain amount of diseases determined by the level of difficulty you choose in the beginning of the game. You can train any units from the 3 races. You can buy spells, and heros. Stacking is allowed. There are 5 different ways diseases will enter the body. Play on a body shaped terrain. Don't let the patient die.


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Atempting 2 get this archive going!

Scenario Name: LotR-Last Alliance Sc Version
Author: Ar-Akundar
Description: One of the best maps ever made. Basically you can fight out the period of the last alliance in lord of the rings with 7 other players. This map is very accurate and the triggers are very well thought through. Very challenging gameplay. Many lotr pros online, this map takes alot of polishing of very fine skillz in order 2 beat other players. This map is the map 2 play its takes more startegy then almost anyother maps(besides lotr maps) 2 play and is the best version(not like the crapy bw version).Enjoy.


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Scenario Name: Archon Tag Team v2.1
Author: Hiho-E(A)
Description: Instead of lasting an hour, your objective is to outlast the other team. There are Archons allied to each of your teams and you may also make Attackers. If the time limit runs out, the game ends in a draw.


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Scenario Name: Mining Defense 1.2
Author: Hiho-E(A)
Description: Instead of resources based on kills, you set up your own mineral gathering system with new mineral patches opening up after 100 and 250 kills. The path is 5 lines going down that end in a V to the 1 end where all the lines converge. The middle path is player 1, and he gets all the leaks.

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Scenario Name: Lord of the Rings: The Faithful
Author: Wierdalll
Description: Like most other LotR Maps you build castles, but this one u can build specific castles that controls specific spawns. For Example if u want a godly infantry force you would make 4 regular casltes or if you want a godly air force u make 4 starports. Up to 4 difrent castles you can make. Oping is still high in this map bu units are a lot stronger around level 3 weapon upgrades

Wing Zero

lol just as planned
Scenario Name: M+E+D+I+C
Author: Unavalible At The Moment
Description: Two Sides, Two Teams, Two Medics, Two ways to win. Hours of fun, well minutes :D. Bioth team has a medic and the teams either have to kill the other teams medic or one player has to rack up 50 kills. Then a unit dies the team medic can revive the lost unit.


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Scenario Name: Resident Evil Bound
Author: HiRoKoN
Description: 4 levels of resident evil style bounding, and at the end of every level there is a boss scenario involving zombies, a boss, and whatever else might be there.. you kill the boss to advance to the next level, reviving the fallen players from the last one. Best bound out there IMO.


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Scenario Name:Queen's Defense
Author: Kohza
Description: This Defense Map is based on the Queen's Brooding and the High Templar's Hallucination ability. The map is not like other Defense maps out there where you just let your units attack moving targets. The enemy units DO attack you back so you have to utilize special abilities(Such as dark swarm, hallucination, stasis field, brooding, and medic heal.) in order to win.

This can be played solo or up to a a maximum of 6 players and is fairly challenging. The more players the tougher it usually gets.

Also A few Tips in playing this map if you're interested.
-Don't put your units on Hold and leave your units near the enemy spawn point.