Starcraft Units on TFT World Editor.. HOW?


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i have the one for ROC.. when i use it for TFT the TFT heros and units are missing but the SC units are there.. so is there one for TFT so that all the units are in the object editor?


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I am not exactly sure what you mean.

If you are looking for a certain unit in the TFT Editor, Hit Control+F and type in the name to go to it. I hope that helps your problem...


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ok i'll try to go more into detail.. i have a units directory that adds the Marine, Zergling, Space Orc, Hydralisk, and many other units that arnt usually available in the object manager.. but it was made for ROC.. so when i use it.. the TFT specific characters such as the Blood Elves, Naga, and the 4th heros for all races dont show up on the object manager.. they are still usable but i would have to create a custom character to use them.. i was wondering if there was something made for the TFT world editor that allows the marines and such to be in the object manager as well as the TFT specific characters..
get rid of the directory thing, update to the last FT patch, go into the unit editor, hit ctrl+f type "marine/zergling/blabblahblah", they will be tehre.

The reason it was made for RoC, is because RoC didn't include those units, TFT already hast hem.