Starcraft Map Xtra Editor


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Hello..I need help. i have another post similar like this but i guess two is better. Anyways my question is, When u get Map xtra editor and u have to choose which thing u open it with. I made a mistake and used the wrong thing to open and now i cant switch it back to WinRAR. Wat do i do?
Why are you opening it with a dif program neways?


delet the current program, re dl the program again, and open it with the correct program.

(note: you must have sc instaled to use starcraft x-tra)


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I tried but it wouldnt work..did u mean to delete SC BW?cause i deleted the Xtra Editor.


You donwnloaded the .rar file? Isn't there a choice where you can either do .zip or .rar. Download .zip if able.
go to and download it from there...

also. Please do NOT bump a thread just so you ask the smae question twice.
or check the FAQ thread, that place has a link to SCXE. Even if it didn't delete, u could just redl it and it would to say this...overwrite it, I guess (like the ps2 when saving games).